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Broker/Partner Recruiters Can Use These Income Opportunities THREE Ways…

1. You Offer These 54 Startup Businesses AND 10 Financial Services As A Broker Recruiter Opportunity.  64 Income Opportunites in 1.   

This Is A Tremendous Value Program With Over $100,000 In Courses, Materials, Business Blueprints Training, etc.

Other Broker Recruiters Generate Profits Without Your Direct Efforts!  You Earn 50% Of The Profits On This Program!


2. You Can Offer & Market Any Of These 55 Services Yourself As well

As One Of Our Brokers/Partner Recruiters you can also Offer these 10 financial services Listed Below.  These are very high profit lucrative financial services that are incredibly popular

This Broker/Partnership Income Opportunity is the only business you can start with No Experience, No Skills, No   Education, take less than 2 hours to train, & make six or seven figures a year!

10 Sensational Financial Services Everyone Wants or Needs!

10 Sensational Financial Services Virtually Every Individual AND Business Need or Wants! NOW HERE ARE THE 35 BEST INCOME OPPORTUNITIES WE INCLUDE IN OUR ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE ANYONE CAN START TODAY!


54 Proven Easy Startup Business Income ideas that require little time, effort, or money. All the work is done for you. All you do is run Google Ads! The program sells itself. 50 million Customers Want These!

You want a business opportunity to offer people that offers these benefits….

  1. Easy to start in a few hours or days, with very little out of pocket costs.         
  2. Is simple to do, but hard to duplicate and runs on auto pilot.
  3. Can make unlimited amounts of money fast.
  4. Anyone of any age, location, skills, education, or income can start today.
  5. The business appeals to a large specific target market that is easy and quick to reach.
  6. Must make money fast and be first to the paycheck.
  7. Makes multiple streams of residual income and large chunks of money.
  8. Must make large profits per transaction.
  9. Must be fun, creative, exciting, & simple to understand. with a short training time.
  10. Must be legal, ethical, and moral so you can sleep at night.
  11. Must be able to work your own hours from anywhere in the world.
  12. Must make money while you sleep.
  13. Must make money online using technology and automation tools.
  14. The business cannot cost more than a few hundred bucks of your money to start.
  15. You must be able to get startup business funding without your personal credit.

With our help, support, & guidance most of these startup businesses can be making money in less than a few days with our secrets, strategies, shortcuts, automated success system, technology & business accelerators. We know things 99.9% do not know

You Do not Need to Know All This Stuff-We Did All the Work!

This Broker/Partnership Income Opportunity is simply to run ads on Google PPC & Job Sites!

We Show You How to Get $1000 In FREE Pay Per Click Ads   

*We Show You How to Get $2000 In Free Job Site Ads

We do 99% of the work. Just Run Ads!

See Our List of 40 Startup Business Opportunities & 10 Financial Services for the price of 1 Offer….
“…Most Businesses Never Make Enough Money! These DO With Our Secrets, Shortcuts, & Strategies, 99.9% Do Not Know.

Loans Available for These Startup Business Up To $250,000! Were Sold For $9977.00 NOW TODAY: $597 includes 1 on 1 training.

What is included in our Startup Business Blueprints….

Over $150,000 worth of financial education materials, legal documents, video courses, years of advice from successful business owners, ad copy that works, one on one mentoring, strategic contacts, best low-cost suppliers & discounted inventory, financing sources, zero tax strategies, zero money strategies, legal documents & agreements,

Negotiation tactics unknown to most. Everything You Need to Succeed- A-Z Million Dollar Blueprints! AND, The Most Important Weapon We Have a “Quick Millionaire’s Blueprint” – A Short List of the 10 Shortcuts 99.9% Of Business Owners Don’t Know About. If you know what you’re doing, you don’t Need a Lot of Space, Time, Or Money, including Zero Cost Strategies, & FREE Labor!

1. Start Bartending School Online or Storefront. 2k a Week pt

This easy to start & run is a highly profitable business. We show you how to rent a space really cheap & make several thousand dollars a week. 1000s of eager customers. Everything You Need to Succeed-Millionaire Blueprints Method

2. Credit Repair Specialist. 150 million Customers

This requires no knowledge of credit improvement processes. You simply run the ads; we take it from there. Profits range from $200 to $400 per client. Average 3 new clients per day with upsells as people want additional services. Over 100 people need credit improvement!

3. Producer-Video & TV Productions. Fun & Excitement

We did this for over 40 years. It is the most fun, exciting, creative, interesting, satisfying career  on the planet! And the huge profits are just a bonus. How to produce & sell your own programs & we give you 15 we did ourselves for years and made millions. Infomercials are lucrative too. No skills needed.

4.Start & Run A Modeling/Talent Agency. Fun & Money.

We already did all the work. Actors & Models pay a membership fee for a video demo,  a headshot, and webpage. This is so much money when done right, it should be a crime. Get started with a couple bucks in minutes. As 98% of it is done for you.

5.Start an Office Cleaning Business, never lift a finger!

You can do this without lifting a finger. We know strategies to get big clients and put them on Autopilot. Secrets unknown to 99% of cleaning companies.

6.Real Estate Wholesaling. Best Real Estate Method

This is by far the best and smartest way to make money in real estate. We did it for 40 years and make up to $500,000 in one single property, cash back at closing. No credit needed, no rehab work done, no mortgage qualifying, 100s of undervalued properties.

7.Children’s Charity Thrift Stores. Help kids, make 200k +

This is the most amazing business on the planet. We have a mentor who makes  $2000-$4000 every single day. No cost for goods, labor is free, we have a way to add  new items cheap and double these profits.  What a wonderful business to run, help                  children’s charities, make money.

8.How To Get Free Boats-Resell for Thousands!

We have a source to get you free boats and other recreational vehicles. Many need no  work; many need a little work. 100% profit. How to do this and print money.

9.The Simple Easy Coffee Shop Kiosk/Shop. Start Tomorrow

This could not be easier. We can show you 4 ways to open up a kiosk or storefront, or just sublease space inside another busy business.  We show you how to negotiate zero upfront rent, find startup money, how to sell 700 cups a day at $3 a cup. 90% profit margins don’t hurt.

10.Discount Liquidation Tiny Warehouse. $20,000 a day

Think Aldi money method. Small space, cheap, low labor costs, where to get the best products to use that sell amazingly well and get customers back 2 more times a week! How to negotiate a zero down lease and free rent for months

11Aged Shelf Corporations Business. The $5k a Day Strategy!

How many people getting charged with a felony would pay you $5000-$10,000 to get their prison time cut in half? Yes, it is all of them that can afford it. They will find the money, and this is so easy it is a crime in itself

12.Goldmine Barter Club. Create Your Own Currency

This little-known business checks all the boxes, reduce your own personal & business expenses 90%, from dental services to marketing, to printing services, to restaurant dinners, & 1000s more. You can do $250,000 in trade in one simple transaction. Charge 10% cash fees, get rich quick.

13.Zero Money Way to Buy or Start a Bar or Restaurant

We did this 8 times in our early 20’s. Easy to do, zero upfront strategies, & simple best   promotions   that will pack your bar every night. This is a 7-figure business.

14.Executive Center. Rent a Home. 15k a Month Method

An ExecuCenter is the best way to create dozens of income streams in a small space.  You can do this in a rental as well. Just make sure you have a business area in a residentail area, or get a storefront and subdivide it using our tricks in 1 day and create dozens of rentals, even offer virtual offices and make thousands without even a physical tenant. Amazing.

15.Sell Aged Shelf Corporations

Nobody knows about this business so there is little competition. Even your competition charges 10 times more money and offers 90% less. WE show you how to add a 1-million-dollar asset document to it, and 10 services to it for less than $200. $800 profit and 10,000 business seekers every month want these. Work from anywhere in the world.

16.Group Home Riches. 10 Rents In ONE Space!

This is a wonderful business.  The Government or Rich Kids putting there parents in a safer, nicer, more personal enviroment means they will pay much more for their loved ones not to have to be in a nursing home.  Figure $2000-$6000 per month per elderly person and you don’t need to take sickly persons. We show you how to get healthy seniors.

17.Start a Bed & Breakfast at Home. The $250k x infinity model

Airbnb places are not making much money anymore. This is a smarter way to do this. You can take any home, make some simple breakfast dishes, and charge more than a hotel. With 6 rooms that is $600-$800 a day. Not bad for making a bagel?

18. Pool Cleaning Business. $3000 a Week on Autopilot!

My pool guy I got to know. He told me he makes $175,000 a year in his swim shorts, flirts  with all the women homeowners, and works 30 hours a week, while getting a tan. He absolutely loves it. You can do better. Hire talent, make more money.

19. Forget GROUPON & Coupon-100 million In Free Cruises Business.

Do you think business owners would pay $20 for 10 $1000 for 2 cruises? Of course, do not be ridiculous. No imagine them paying $500 for 100 of them over and over again. Easiest sale on the planet.

20. Pizza Fundraising or Sell to Local Stores. Is 50k a week, Ok ?

We did this for 35 years. Everyone loves pizza, and if you offer it with a charity component  for kids, wow, what a winning pizza dinner! Make $5 a pizza and sell 100s a day!

21. 5k a Day Home T-Shirt Business from Your Kitchen table

This is a no brainer easy, fun business that can make $100,000 in one week.   Really: Just think the prison picture of Donald Trump, made millions in days. Just ride the  “waves” but get ready to get help quick because when it rains it will pour buckets of cash.


22.Gift Basket Business-Huge profits & a blast

This can be done all online or start one up in your local neighborhood and add flowers   and some greeting cards, plaques, etc. You can make more on 1 single holiday like  Mother’s Day, easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. than most businesses can do all year!

23. Family Fun Center with 100 income streams!

This is a 7 figure a year business the way we show you how to do it.   When we did ours  it was so crowded we almost hoped it wouldn’t get any busier so we wouldn’t run out of pizza dough!

24. The NO Marketing needed Flower Shop. Money Secrets!

Did you know when you sign up at these TWO companies they will just email you  the business you want?  That’s crazy & highly profitable.  We used to buy Roses  for a few nickels and sell a dozen for $30 bucks.  Talk about profits.

25. Candlemaking from home. The $5k a week money method.

Candlemaking from home can be a family affair. It’s fun, easy, and can make anyone six figures a year parttime and your home smells like heave

26. The best way is as a USED Bookstore-To much profit!

We show you how to get 10000000s of used books for free or pennies. This place  is all profit, low overhead, and can have ove 12 other income streams!

27. Personal Chef. Our Chef Shares a Simple Money Secret

We not only show you how to get a couple BIG clients, but also how to prepare and freeze  your meals for sale to many others who love home made cooking from a chef, not  Frozen Banquet dinners!

28. A Greeting Card Business Is $5 Bucks X Infiinity.

Think of it, greeting cards sell for up to $10 bucks all profit.  We show you add on items  that triple your profits.  A fantastic business we can show you how to make 200k a year   easily,  yes we said easily.

29. Self Storage With In a Small Space. 40 Rents X Infinity

We show you how to start this business without a large piece of land, building a big facility, and all that headache.  You can do this with an existing small space in an empty storefront and separate it, and your in business in a few days, and then we   show you how to fill it up with renters.  Huge profits

30. Everyone loves a Haunted House. $50,000 a nite For 2 Months

We show you how to start one up in an empty building, storefront, house, dosen’t matter.   People will always go to a haunted house. Universal Studios does 200k a night.

31. Vending Business Is SOOO Easy & Profitable It is a Crime.

We show you how to start one up in an empty building, storefront, house, dosen’t matter.   People will always go to a haunted house. Universal Studios does 200kith this business you can get into anyone of 100 spaces.  We show you what machines    make the most money, where to put them easily, and how to get this all financed so you    don’t have to put out money.a night.

32. Do A Portable Lazer Tag & You Can Make More Money!

You can be braindead and make money with this business. It’s nothing but fun and games.  Literally.  Once you have the system up, there is nothing more to buy.  All profit.   We show you where to get financing for it, where to put it, and how to draw flocks of  families, and generate 10 other income streams!

33. Amazing Six Figure Money Maker Unknown To Most.

We show you how to outsource this and generate stready clientl.  Actually almost   anybody launching an idea or business, or even real estate wants money for it.  This is   really the best way to get it.  A great way to make money helping raise money for others

34. Party Supply Store Generates 1 Million a Year.

Who wouldn’t love a Party Store?  It’s fun, generates six figures a year, requires   little staff, and we will show you how to launch this using other people’s money, and  putting it on auto-pilot.  You can make $20,000 a day on holiday weeks!

35. Who Dosen’t Want FREE Grant Money? We Made It Easy

You actually do no work here.  We outsource it to a Grant Writing Expert who gets   millions in grant money for clients.  All you do is run ads and we show you where  and how.  That’t it.  Automated money.

36. Sunglasses Online-500 Streams of Income. Pay $2 Sell $20!

We Do This NOW.  Zero Upfront Credit, Post On These 5 Sites (Outsource help).                                                           1000 Styles X $18 Profit Each.  Get it?  This is Great Multiple Streams of Income!

37. Sell Used Restaurant Equipment Online -1000s on ONE sale!

We learned this business when we started buying restaurants.  Wow, what a massive moneymaker.  Everything You Need To Make Unlimited Amounts of Money.  You Don’t Even Have To Touch Any Equipment!

38. Online Designer & Impressions Handbag Business.

We did this years ago with help from our Chinese relative.  What a Goldmine.  Where to  get cheap impressioins & designer handbags & sell online with a simple website & make THOuSANDS a day.  Huge Market.

39. Start a Non Profit Consigment Shop-ZERO Cost For Inventory!

Imagine a business where you don’t have to pay for any inventory?  7k a Week Profits

40. Get Filthy, Stinking, Rich With a New Tax Lien Process.

New way to buy tax liens up to 75% off the value.  Auto Pilot Income method.   We show you how to do with using the banks money.

24 Hour A Day Turnkey Internet Businesses Six Figures a Year-5 Hour Work Week!

Our 14 Best Money-Making Turnkey Websites!

*Includes $10,000 Worth of FREE Gift Certificates for Vacations!

14 Turnkey Internet Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow, Make 6 Figures, On Autopilot….

1.This Is to Damn Easy. Automatic Money Machines That Print Money!

2.You Already Know How Popular Online Video Games Are. This Is a Printing Press for Turnkey Profits.

3.Everybody Loves Their Pets. Untold Strategies.

4.Everything Is Done 4U. High Profits Over 6 Figures.

5.Clothing Is the Number One Selling Item Online So Why Aren’t You Grabbing Your Share? We Show You Secrets Unknown to Others!

6.Easy Drop shipping 6 Figure Business, & Never lift a Finger!

7. $500,000 a Year with Adult Turnkey Website. To Damn Easy, To Much Money? Is There Such a Thing

8. Turnkey Online Cosmetics Is 25 billion a Year Market & Have the Methods to Help Your Business Explode!

9. Six Figures a Year with An Online Electronics Business. Profit Machine.

10.An Online Thrift Store, 50,000 in Inventory for Free!

11. Is 5000 eBooks enough to make some ching, ching?

12. If This Can’t Make You High Six Figures Nothing Will

13. Everybody Loves Plush-Everybody! It’s a High Profit Item & Can Make Tens of Thousands of Weeks Before Any Holiday!

14. Become a 7 Figure A Year Business Loan Expert

Now Some Startup Tips Your Startup Business MUST HAVE…

  1. Getting Started. Secrets, strategies, & shortcuts unknown to 99.9%. Where do you start? We give you the actual “Blueprint” you need to create unlimited success, including our 10 step “Cheat Sheet” With these 10 Things Gives You Shortcuts, Including No Money Out of Pocket Costs, Zero Labor Strategies, & The Single Best Thing You Can Do to Make More Money -Instantly!
  2. Using other people’s money, zero down tactics, lowering costs. Includes Crowdfunding, Free Grant Money, Easy investor financing, easy loans, lines of credit, negotiating zero upfront deposits, fees, and purchases. etc.
  3. Finding the perfect location if it cannot be done online, how to negotiate an acquisition, lowering and free rent, removing security deposits, getting better terms. Landlord relations & so much more. Simple to understand and implement.
  4. Finding great talent and the occasional superstar that changes everything. One superstar can speed up your wealth strategies in literally minutes.
  5. Financial education. You want to hear advice from at least FIVE business owners who run a business like you want. They will give you 20 years of mistakes to avoid, hassles you need to eliminate, and eliminate your headaches & hassles. We include this advice in our one-on-one mentoring session.
  6. Best Inventory, Low-Cost Supplies & Free Equipment. What you need, when, where to get it cheap, and vendor credit. Zero cost solutions, how to get others to put up any money needed.

  7. Getting your EIN, proper corporate structure, licenses, tax documents, zero tax strategies, and all other legal documents you will need.
  8. Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions. These are not the same thing. Without marketing you have no business, just an empty room gathering dust. Finding cheap sources and what works and what does not. We give you access to the best promotion we have ever seen. Millions in Free Gift Certificates to giveaway that generates 500% more business.
  9. Help, Support, & Guidance we help you with it all, from A to Z. Everything You Need to Know to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. One on one mentoring

  10. Automated technology & business accelerators to put your business on a FastTrack to unlimited income using tactics unknown to 99% of business owners.

WE Have an Amazing Business Broker/Partnership Program……

Most Broker/Partnership programs cost thousands of dollars, business opportunities cost tens of thousands of dollars, franchises cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the costs to launch the business with costs such as storefront, licenses, advertising & signage, equipment and inventory, staff, website, and dozens of other costs and fees.

We have put automated and Backoffice experts behind you to do all the work. Your biggest effort after generating customers is to figure out how to spend your money.

With this business broker recruitment opportunity, you will make 25% of the sales.

Broker/Partner Recruitment Program.

The cost of this broker recruitment program with one-on-one training is also ZERO Cost to you.  

*The only costs you pay are for the setting up of the 60-page website with ONE year of hosting ($150 value) & 1 year domain registered ($20).  This is a $2500 Value, but only $997 for you this day.   The Broker Recruiter Partner Program is FREE.

*We have loans available in most cases for this $997 if needed.

 *On a $997 business broker sale you get $500!

*The 54 Startup business blueprints with 1 on 1 training are only $597 of which you get $250!  These are discounted for you from $9997.00.  We can get you loans up to $250,000 for these businesses.

*The 10 financial services we offer cost between $497 for credit improvement to aged corporations from $997-$1997 (90% less than anyone else in the country).

*We have done 99% of the work for you. All you need to do is to run ads that we know already work for you. That is, it.  Once someone purchases the program or a service, nothing else needs to be done by you. It’s that simple. Just run ads

Bottom Line, OUR Broker Recruiter Program Includes over $150,000 in products & services you offer for FREE with training by us.

*  The broker recruiter only needs to get to our 50-60 landing page website with 1 yr. hosting & 1 yr. domain.

*This would normally cost $5000 but its only FREE for the moment.

*We can get you a loan for the $997 Website AND up to $250,000 for Business Startup Costs if needed!

*We give you broker recruiter business opportunity with 10 financial services nobody else can compete with, nobody. You can offer these yourself if you wish.

*We give you 54 amazing Startup Business Blueprints which normally cost $4977.00 but are now $597 with one-on-one training, everything you need to know.  You can offer these yourself if you choose to.

Included with this broker recruiter income opportunity…

 *Over $150,000 in Video financial education courses & training materials 

 *Ongoing one on one help, support, & guidance from worldclass experts   

  *Hundreds of dollars in proven effective ad copy

*$500 Ad Credit from Google Pay Per Click

*$500 Bing Pay Per Click Ad Credit

*Secrets to thousands of dollars in free job postings. 

*Unlimited Free Restaurant & Travel, Hotel, Cruise Gift Certificates!  Tens of thousands in value & use to close sales 

*50% profit sharing on over 50 startup business opportunities or financial services. 

 *Free Membership (value: $2500) with access to high return investments, etc. 

 *50-page landing website with a link to our Membership Page, with $150,000 in free video courses, and much more.

Broker Recruitment Agreement Below. No Payment Needed Now!

Now To Answer Any Questions!

Q.  What is the main idea behind this Broker/Affiliate Income Opportunity?

A.  We have done all the work. The Broker/Affiliate simply runs our successful ads on Google PPC, or other formats if they want, and offer the “20 Startup Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow & Make Six figures a year!”

Q.  What can I expect to do?

A.  That depends on you. We do not promise anything other than this program works. If you do what we say and follow the success of others, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams, but you are responsible for your own productivity. As you should want it to be.

Q. How do I get paid?

A.  You get paid immediately after a payment is made. We don’t hold payments. With money apps now, payments are instant. We are also working on a debit card for our members so funds can be put right on your card instantly!

Q.  Do I get any other benefits?

A. Yes, you get a FREE $2500 membership. This membership includes access to all financial educational courses, videos, and workshops which cost us over $100,000 to produce, including the same for our Entertainment Industry workshops, events, courses, videos, webinars, etc. Plus, FREE Gift Certificates for restaurant dinners, hotels, travel, cruises, and more! Free to print anytime you can use them.

Q. What about advertising your “35 Startup Businesses in one”.

A.  Simply run our Google PPC ads with the targeted keywords we use. Sales are automatic, cheap to acquire, and instant in most cases.

Q.   Can you resell this partnership/broker program to those who want to offer this program?

A. Of course, it is actually half of the sales it is so popular.  Once people see the value of this income opportunity, they want to resell it. Same profits for you!

Q.  Can I make money from offering individual financial services?

A.  Yes, we have very lucrative high profits services like credit improvement, aged corporations for sale, business funding, all making large profits.

Q.   Startup Business Opportunities and versions of it are searched over 1 million times a month on Google, Bing, etc. This means 1 million potential sales a month. Get it?

A.  What will prospects do when they see the Google Ad?

A. They will go to a 2-page website, called a “sales or landing” page which explains what we told you. They review the copy and decide if they want this. The 2ndpage is the order page. We include them. site and website copy for you as part of your $997. You will need it. your bank info, etc. so you can collect funds. Then forward o. portion to us. We take it from there. You are all done with this client!

BUSINESS Recruiter & Affiliate Partnership- $150,000 in Services

  1. Access for a small cost to our Startup Business Buildout in 30 days with up to $250,000 in funding.
  2. Proven effective ad copy and produced video, for all products & services offered.
  3. All agreements & documents as needed to fulfil customer programs.
  4. Strategic Connections & resources to ensure superior training & financial education.
  5. Access to all financial webinars, courses, videos, & training materials. Over $100,000 worth.
  6. Free Membership ($2500 value) with access to all discounts, benefits, & services.
  7. Ongoing consulting, help, support, & guidance for the term of this agreement.
  8. Access to new products, services, and copy, as they become available.
  9. 50% of profits from all sales of the 40 in 1 Startup Business Blueprints Training.
  10. 10 High profit financial services you can also offer with 50% profits.
  11. 2 Hours of one-on-one training, everything you need to succeed.
  12. Access to our investments paying up to 25% a month in passive monthly profits.
  13. First choice of any territories or business opportunities we offer in the future.
  14. A discounted 50-page website landing page, 1 yr. hosting & domain registration, & startup SEO.
  15. Access up to $2000 in free ad credits on Google & Bing Pay Per Click.
  16. How to access thousands in free advertising on very effective Job posting sites’

Our business broker recruiter program is FREE. Over $150,000 worth of training, videos, materials, consulting, etc. The only cost is for the 50-page landing pages, hosting, domain, and SEO.

This landing page website is linked to our main website with your own domain link, tracking, email list building, instant credibility, instant organic SEO, immediate access for your broker and clients to the free membership, $150,000 in financial video courses, training materials & more. This is normally $4977. Your cost is only $997.

* We have access to loans for this if needed. Please check here if you need a loan

*If needed we can also take 2 payments of $597.  $597 deposit & $597 in 2 weeks.

Broker receives the following profits on the 10 services at the posted costs. You may charge more, but keep in mind that we have tested various prices along with competitors’ prices and put the best price point for maximum results.

Brokers receive 50% of the cost of our 10 Financial Services and 40 Startup business blueprints.

Broker Recruiter Income Opportunity: $997

  Credit Improvement: $497 Includes 1 Savings Tradeline. 

Crypto Investment:  Up to 25% of the profits from client investment.  Example: Client invests $1000, they make up to $250 for the first month, you get up to $250 a month.  This can compound every month if investor or broker chooses. 

  Aged Corporations:  $997 (5-15 Years old)     $1997 (15-25 years old) 

3 Fico tradelines: $197

Business or Personal loans:  5% success fee paid by client. 

  Crowdfunding:  $897 

Three Grant Proposals includes research: $597 

  54 Startup business blueprints:  $597 each. 

Pay Per View Ad Package for Broker Recruits:  $497

Talent Scout Manager Actor/Model Memberships:  $497