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3 Primary Vendor Tradelines! Higher FICO scores in 3 weeks!


Vendor Tradeline Application Information

We will post THREE vendor tradelines with usable credit limits up to $5000 total, or more, which will usually add up to 50-75 or more FICO points to each bureau depending on the current scores.

Vendor lines take about 5-7 days to get approval, depending on how busy we are, and please allow 1-3 weeks for them to post to the bureaus.

Secret: To increase your scores use the credit and then pay it off after a couple weeks.  Your scores will continue to go up!

With scores up over 620 we can generally get up to $50,000 in cash loans and up to $250,000 with over 700 scores, if you want funding.

We also include over 30 other primary credit cards, etc. you can get yourself as well with this purchase.  Increases your score tremendously.

Include up to 3 vendor primaries and 5000.00 usable credit:  Only:  $299!

Things you will need:







Job Phone: (they won’t call)

Company Name.

Monthly Income:

Average Fico scores.


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