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Premade Corporate Bussiness

Buy a Pre-Made Business For $15,800. Get Instant Time in Business, Get Credible and Get up to $300K in Funding!!

Common Reasons to get a Pre-made Business:

  • Corporate Credit and Financing
  • Asset protection
  • Bid on Government Contracts
  • Credibility with Clients and Suppliers
  • Expand Business Into USA
  • Real Estate Transactions


Highlights of program:

    • Get Credit- Ready Aged Corps
    • Get Instant Time-In Business
    • Get Credible
    • Get up to $300K in Funding
    • Buy A Pre-Made business with 4-5 Years Of History
    • We build the Business Credit up to Paydex 80 within 30-45 Days
    • Process take 3-5 takes to transfer ownership, 30-45 days to build business credit to Paydex 80, After Paydex 80 it takes 7 days for funding
    • Funding has No Upfront Cost but 10% Backend Fee
    • Free Analysis
    • Funding is based on Personal Credit but doesn’t report to personal credit
    • Funding is Unsecure Business Credit Credits with No Income and No Asset Verification
    • Some funding is 0% APR for 6-12 months
    • We have methods to access the Full Credit Line of each Corporate Credit Card in Cash and at the Purchase APR
    Price is $13,800

Free Credit – Ready Features Included:

    • IRS Company Registration (Tax ID #EIN#) (Worth $100)
    • Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS)# (Worth $229)
    • 1st Annual Report – Secretary Of State Officer/Address Update (Worth $150)
    • 411 Directory Listing (Worth $100)
    • Yellow Pages Listing (Worth $100)
    • Super Pages Listing (Worth $100)
    • Bing Search Engine Listing (Worth $100)
    • Google Search Engine Listing (Worth $100)
    • com Business Listing (Worth $100)
    • Yahoo Search Engine Listing (Worth $100)
    • Consultation and Asset Protection Attorney ($400)
    • Consultation with Corporate CPA (Worth $350)

Ideal Credit Requirements For Up to $300K in Funding:

  • 3+ Years of Clean Credit History; No Derogatory Items or at least none in the recent past
  • 3+ Open Revolving Credit Accounts
  • 30% or lower Revolving Debt Ratio
  • 720+ Credit Scores
  • No More than 6 inquires per credit bureau in the past 6 months

These are Ideal Requirement, Not Minimum Requirements. The closer you are to these Ideal Requirements the better funding results you will achieve

If you need to improve your credit, we offer Rapid Credit Repair for $795 and if you need to boost or score quickly we have Tradelines ($550-$2000). Tradeline post in 2-4 weeks.

We Have Over 30 Funding Options To Help Start-ups and Existing Businesses

Once up to $400K is Obtained a good amount of our clients are interested in Wealth Creation and Passive income. Some put about $100K in our Crypto trading Program to create monthly passive income. We have 2 programs.   An Investment You Can Control. Ask me and join our Passive Income Program, needs only $600 to start!

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