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Knowing where to find these auctions is a must to getting Incredible Bargains on just about anything you ever wanted!

Unlocking Auction Success at Faster Money Methods

This isn’t merely a list of websites. Hundreds of hours have gone into researching, investigating, evaluating, probing, the very best websites in any given area of the auction business and these are the best of the best. We have Cherry Picked the sites that:
  1. Offer the best selection of products
  2. Typically sell for the least amount of money
  3. Are the easiest to navigate and acquire the products.
  4. That’s right folks, attending or participating in a government auction is completely free. If you think that’s great then you’ll be even more excited to learn that you do not need to have any special documents or certification to partake in a government auction; they are open to the general public. This article will attempt to explain the various types of free government auctions and what makes each so very special.
  5. One of the largest and most widespread types of government auctions out there is the seized property auction. Our government holds seized auctions and the majority of merchandise they have acquired was taken from criminals due to their illegal activity prior to their incarceration. Criminal’s ill-gotten gains such as real estate, clothing, jewelry and expensive sports cars are seized then sold to the public at greatly reduced prices.
  6. Because the government is not seeking to make a profit off of the items they sell, but merely recoup money spent on case administration and prosecution, the deals that can be found on the auction block are simply incredible.
  7. Like seized property auctions, surplus property auctions are also held by our government and offer up some of the best goods around. There is however, a significant difference between these two types of auctions. Unlike seized auctions, surplus goods basically come from various government agencies or local governments who have excess items that they longer need.
  8. These items are generally of a lower caliber than seized property auctions simply because the government isn’t interested in purchasing fancy cars, real estate or jewelry. If all the lush items can only be found at a seized auction, what can you expect to find at a surplus property auction?
  9. Surprisingly pretty much everything! From boats, cars, and aircraft, to home furnishings, office supplies, and school supplies you can find it all at a surplus property auction.
  10. If you like what you’ve been reading so far about free government auctions then it only gets better. Not only will you get unbelievable deals on items by attending a live surplus or seized auction, but online government auctions also take place all the time. Conveniently bid on anything and everything the government has to offer from the convenience of home.
  11. Anyone with an affinity for websites like eBay and Amazon can truly appreciate the pleasure of bidding at an online government auction, except that competition is muted because not everyone knows about these free online
    government auctions.
  12. While attending and participating in a government auction is free, attaining priceless information on one does come with a price (albeit a small and reasonable price.) If you are interested in auction information, you can check out websites such as; resources like this provide a directory where you can generally find loads of government auction listings (both live and online) conveniently organized by state or territory.
  13. Sometimes, savings at a free government auction can present you with the opportunity of a lifetime — and so I recommend you find and attend one in the near future to check out potential savings and bargains to be had.

This site is amazing for acquiring police auction products.   Millions of dollars a year is confiscated in drug busts, fraud, etc.  and is auctioned off for pennies on the dollar.

This site is the largest site of it’s kind with the government.  You can literally acquire one product for a few hundred dollars and flip it for tens of thousands of dollars.

Food Service Equipment is one of the best products to flip.  Hundreds of thousands of people start restaurants every year and the market is so hot for these items, they are gone in seconds. 

Simply the best resource for public auctions.  You can find anything you want, anything here.  

The profits in heavy equipment are tremendous.  One reason is that there is so much product out their.  Companies are always updating their equipment because new technology makes life easier and easier for heavy equipment operators.

An amazing site for liquidation of almost any product you can think of.  One of the 10 best online. 

This site has autos.  One of the biggest areas of wealth creation is the auto industry.  If you want to make lots of money, you must go where there is tremendous demand for the product you want to resell.  Making just 1k a vehicle, which is below average can make you thousands a week.    

Treasury auctions are very lucrative and have little competition.  This is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  

Did you even know there are millions in salvage car sales.  We had a 69 mustang we picked up for $300 as junk because the insurance company totaled it and guess what it was worth?                  

The premier auction site for private sales of all types of auction products.  Can’t go wrong here.            

Diamonds and jewels!  Everyone knows Debeers, but did you know that they actually auction off pretty little things!  Easy to ship so theirs no headaches and the profit isn’t 80% like it used to be, but the jeweler I know lives in the rich part of town, has 8 corvettes in his 8 car garage.     

Don’t forget estate sales.  Buy an entire estate and you save up to 90% of the retail or even selling cost individually.   There is money in numbers.                            

Foreclosure auctions – Acquire a $100,000 property for $!0,000!  No its not a pipe dream.  This happens every single day hundreds of times.    

County tax sales are a hidden area of acquiring undervalued assets by the thousands if you desire.  County tax sales are a great way to find property 99% of the public dosen’t have a clue about.        c

Coast guard confiscations?  Hmmm,  I will leave it to your imagination to see the possibilities here.  You don’t even have to like boating to make money with boats.  There is a lot of other goodies on that boat also!                  

The Navy/Marines and other services have tons of surplus stuff.  Why do you think they pay $800 for a toilet seat?       

US marshalls asset forfeiture.  The US marshalls are here to the rescue so bid to your hearts content,  to much here to even think about.     

US treasury 300 auctions.  Do we need to say anymore?    

Farm equipment.  This stuff goes for so cheap sometimes. All you need is one bargain to make $50,000 or more in one quick winning bid!

This will zero in on your state with dozens of auctions in your area. 

Federal Government sales guide.  Great resources, tips, and information on how to  buy government auction products.