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Run a Bartender School & Make Thousands a Week!

This is an absolutely amazing way to make a great living even if you know nothing about drinks!

This is a vastly underserved market.  There are hundreds of bars and restaurants in every major market and tons more in smaller markets.  Where do bartenders get the training to get the job?

Owners don’t want to train someone, that’s a last resort, they want someone already trained.  That’s understandable.  In any major market there are bartending schools, and they have such little competition that they are making boatloads of cash every single week.

But here is the best part, you only need a couple students to make over 1k a week, for a few hours of fun.  And you don’t need any experience, because you can learn everything with a great mentor, and some bartender jargon, and some empty bottles of liquor you fill up with water.  It’s that simple.

We will show you how and where to buy everything you need for a few bucks.

We will give you all the most important drinks that 99% of people order.

We will give you all the tools you need to get hired anywhere you want to work.

We will show you how to “talk” to the employer to land the job.  Everyone misses this key element.

We will teach you how to set up a relationship with the bar owners to get all your students placed.   This is the best-selling point of your school.

We will teach you how to find a great cheap location.

WE will teach you where to find all the students you want.

We will show you how to get started with very little money.

This is a sensational career, it’s fun, exciting, easy, lucrative, and requires little upfront training or money.

To sign up for this one-on-one mentoring, email a day and time EST to and we will

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