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How To Start, Buy, or Own a Restaurant, Bar, or Nightclub, using none of your own money.

If you know what your doing, you don’t need a lot of money, experience, or time, and make all the money you want.

We personally have owned, ran, managed, sold, dozens and dozens of Bars, Nightclubs, & Restaurants, over the decades.  With huge success.

If you want to learn the strategies, shortcuts, and secrets, to creating a highly successful business in this field, you must find mentors who have been there and done that.  Teachers can’t help much. You must only take advice from those who have gone through the headaches and hassles, the trials and errors.

Mentors will give you a learning curve of decades into minutes, literally. If you know what your doing, you do not need a lot of time or space.

In this one-on-one Crash Course, you will learn the simple secrets to acquire these businesses or start them using little to none of your own money.

Whether it’s seller financing, getting investor money, or just using some of our creative financing techniques and strategies that actually work, you can be running your own profitable business in literally days, not months.

We teach you how to.

*Acquire empty buildings and create a business, then resell it for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few months or keep it and make residual income.

*A gigantic secret on how to pack your place almost overnight

*How to reduce your expenses and purchases up to 75% immediately. Saving a dollar is 100x smarter than making a dollar.

*How to structure any agreement with terms you want.

*You want to own businesses, not run them.  You do not want to buy yourself a job but invest and outsource your life. Learn the most effective way to do this.

*How to price your products to make the most money, and make your customers thrilled to see you, and come twice as often!

*How to add up to 10 additional revenue streams to your business.  Think multiple streams of revenue!]

*A training manual to make your employees superstars, overachievers, and the most talented people in the universe!

*Over 50 other tips, techniques, strategies, secrets, shortcuts, and brilliant wisdoms from over 200 years of owners.

You will be getting a priceless education in this field, which you can also adopt to any other business, for only $199 with a one-on-one Crash Course.

Everything You Need to Succeed, Millionaire Blueprints!

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