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You Do This Two Ways

Nobody can get you more personal funding than we can.  You will need at least a 680+ Fico score. We can help get it where it needs to be if needed.

We have over 20 close relationships with underwriters. We know what they want from you!

We can usually get FIVE times more than anyone else can.

We get in in less than 7 days from the time we gather your documents which are few.

  1. Copy of ID
  2. 2 paystubs
  3. Or 3 bank statements
  4. An application
  5. If you want more and have last years tax returns, even better but usually no required.
  6. That’s about it!

Simple, Fast, Easy.  98% done for you.

We charge nothing upfront and 15% success fees on the backend. We incur many hours, pay processors who do hours of work, and we get larger funding amounts PLUS….

We show you how to invest a part of it and get enough of a return to pay the loan off! In essence, a FREE LOAN!  10% a month profits! Nobody else offers this. NOBODY.

Also when you use loan money you pay no taxes on this, saving tens of thousands of dollars more!

We help you with ongoing use of your funding if you wish, acquire real estate with little down payments, start a business, invest for larger returns, or buy an established business. We can help with all of it!