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$10,000 a week as our partner offering 50 services!

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We have over 50 services and add more every week!  Easy to sell as virtually everyone wants more money, a new career because there current one sucks, more freedom to work when they want,  to make money based on there productivity, not what the owner says what you should make, after they take there profit out.

We pay 25% of the sale of our services, so you can make hundreds of dollars on each service someone orders.  That’s all you have to do, other than send the results to the client after services are performed.  Nothing could be easier for all the money you will make.

We have agents making thousands of dollars a day.

For example: Aged Corporations for sale generates tens of thousands of searches a month, and that’s just one service!  You make $250 per corp.  Figure the math.

People want our services, they need our services.  They come to you, all you have to do is put our marketing out there, they will do the rest!  Easy as pie.

The secret to wealth is 2 things, to have lots of revenue streams, we have over 50 and counting.  

The second is to make large chunks of money, a few bucks here and there won’t do it.  We have services that make large chunks of money.

  1. Credit restoration. We offer very inexpensive credit restoration which can include two separate processes.
  2. We have unique legal consultants experienced in faster removal of negative items from credit reports. This can include but not limited to, Bankruptcy, Student Loan Debt, Foreclosures, Past due payments, Inquiries, Judgements, etc. We use many different tactics depending on the negative item, unlike 99% of the rest.
  3. In addition, we can add 3-4 Primary Vendor tradeline accounts to three bureaus which will add up to 40-75 Points on each bureau, depending on current files.
  4. We build aged corporations, which help members get more funding, there main goal. Aged corporation includes Letter of good standing, amended articles of incorporation, Bylaws, EIN number, EIN number, D&B Number, & One Million asset transfer document, and we can also add Aged Primary Tradelines up to 4 years old!
  5. We can build out a corporation over 2 years old, with a 25-point lender compliance checklist, which includes a $1500 website, Facebook page, and twenty-three other lender funding requests.
  6. We can add 15 Tier ONE vendors primary tradelines with up to 25,000 or more in usable credit lines. This gets the client closer to bigger funding.
  7. We can add up to 15 Tier TWO vendors primary tradelines, with up to 25,000 in additional funding, once Tier One lines post, raising the business scores to 80 Paydex, enough for business funding.
  8. We offer FICO funding with scores of 600+ with several different programs available for different scores.
  9. We offer Grant Proposals, where we research available grants for clients. They can be startup businesses, minority businesses, Non-Profit or 501c3. Our grant writers do THREE grants in one price to improve the odds of getting at least one of them. Free money is the best way to acquire it.
  10. We offer over FIFTY different business opportunities, investments, webinars, crash courses, one on one training. Costs vary.
  11. Agent has reviewed and understands the current agreement and notes that lenders and processors change all the time, nothing lasts forever. We reserve the right to change the program at a moment’s notice. Please do not drag out agreements with clients as they may not be able to complete a funding program. We also see to find more and better program, as we are first a research company.

To request a one on one mentor training its only $199.  Compare that to tens of thousands to start a business, with little opportunity to succeed, let alone to make boatloads of money.    To learn all you need to succeed; email us with a time and day, EST We will confirm it and send payment information: