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Pool Cleaning Biz Rocks!

How To Run a Pool Cleaning Business and Live the Dream!

A pool cleaning business is the most leisurely business there is.

You can work in your swim shorts and t shirt!

*Make six figures a year without breaking a sweat

*This is a virtually automated service.  Simple put the cleaner in the water for an hour and go do the same thing at the next pool down the block!

*It only takes a few hundred bucks to get started, and we have funding sources for that as well.

*We show you how to get dozens of clients in a small area, so you can drive less and make more productive use of your time.

*How to market and advertise your business cheap and generate clients at will

* Payments come direct to you by Zelle or Cashapp, so you get paid immediately

*How to add dozens of streams of additional income

*Simple training info on how to clean a pool the best way with no effort

*How to hire someone dependable if you don’t like working in your shorts

*Everything you need to succeed in one simple, proven, easy One-on-one mentor training session.  If you know what you’re doing you don’t need a lot of time, money, or space.

To much more to list, contracts, licenses, etc.

To schedule a One-on-one mentor crash course training, simply email us at: