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Warehouse Liquidation Store $50k a day in sales!

A simple formula to make gigantic income, using little of your own money!

We find gaps in the market for businesses to start, grow, and either make residual profits or resell 

them for high six figure profits.  A business can be built and ready for resale in 6 months if desired.

We found a HUGE gap in large liquidation outlets that sell all kinds of stuff cheaper than the big retailers like Sears, Macy’s, etc.

The current competition is Big Lots, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross.  But their model is totally different than ours. 

First, we have to find CHEAP high-quality stuff.  Real Cheap.  We have done that.  We can get truckloads of quality goods for as little as $900 a truckload, that’s over 50′ of truck stuff!

Here is the difference.

  1. You keep the stock in boxes, or cartons, cut open, *This gives the feeling of “cheaper” than anyone else
  2. You have over 10,000 items we offer,  Gold leaf 6 pc sheet sets for $3 for instance.
  3. You have special prices on case items as well
  4.  You can run it with 1/4 the staff of anyone else because of the way it’s laid out
  5.  You offer FOOD and homewares, clothing, etc.  The food is canned, boxed, or another non-perishable
  6.  We get warehouse space for a fraction of the costs using our negotiating process
  7.  With new inventory every day, clients a surprise every time they come in, and they want to come in more often just to see the new deals and items!

When you know what your doing, you do not need a lot of time, space, or money.  One on one mentor training is only $199!  This is the same seminar info we charge $5,000 for!

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