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Barter Services

Did you know that Bartering is one of the most brilliant and smartest things anyone can do?

Saving a dollar is 100 times smarter than making a dollar!                                                                                                

*It reduces your cash costs                                                                                                                                                                               

*It gets rid of unwanted products taking up space   *It turns your unused inventory to a more productive use of that expense    

*It allows you to network with like minded businesses adding future cash clients   

 *It allows you to purchase things you need without cash currency  

*There can be many tax advantages to using barter

And the best thing is it’s easier, it builds new relationships, it helps you get rid of unused assets you have.  It makes your dollars stretch longer and harder.

With barter you can acquire something you need more than the product you don’t need now.  

With barter you can trade your time for something of value you need.  Dollar for dollar, minus a small cash or barter fee.

To generate “Barter Dollars” we may buy services or products from you in the form of Gift Certificates!  We simply purchase them from you and give you credits into your account so you can spend away! Nothing could be easier and faster.  

If your business doesn’t allow the use of Gift Certificates, we will promote your services to our members and in many cases across the country, if appropriate, help you generate barter dollars to reduce your cash costs.

We also barter with local and national advertisers, so we acquire thousands of items over the course of the months.  If you want something we don’t have in inventory, just let us know, we may be able to acquire it with our vast network of clients and resources.

We have reciprocal relationships with 1000s of barter clubs around the country, if we can’t get it, nobody can.

For those who are not reciprocal trade exchanges, barter members pay a 12% cash service fee for all purchases.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see what we can do together! You never know until you try.

Below is a list of things that most other barter clubs do not even offer:


*TV Commercials on major broadcast networks and local cable networks.

*Business financing for growth and expansion  

*Telemarketing services

*Dozens of world-class step-by-step video courses on financial education including investments, real estate, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more. 

*Recreational boats of all sizes all over the US

*Corporate Startup business buildout with startup funding, marketing engine, & business accelerators *Amazing wealth creation program-Investments paying 10% a month on Forex trading. (Trade commissions paid with barter)

*Business Broker Opportunity Training. Earn up to 1 million a year or more. (Training on barter)

*Broadcast quality video/TV production. Editing, storyboard, pre-production, etc. 

*Aged prebuild corporations for sale up to $20,000 Includes access to funding, Ein number, 1-million-dollar asset document, usable, letter of good standing, articles, bylaws, loans paid off for you. 

*Credit repair, includes removal of negative items and adding 3 primary tradelines *10 Business vendor tradelines with up to $25,000 in usable credit

*Millionaire Shortcuts Training Course, with step-by-step blueprints on creating financial independence in weeks, not decades. Includes up to 30 video courses, legal documents, one on one training, and over 100 financial wealth books.

*Marketing Accelerator program includes a blueprint and steps to double your business in less than 6 months.  *Financial wealth, business, & investment consulting. (We have secured investments paying 10-25% weekly included in some of our programs.)

*Virtual office secretarial service

*Zero down real estate consulting & acquisition services

*Hotel Stay Gift Certificates 2-7 days (Taxes not included)

$20 Restaurant Vouchers good at 16,000 restaurants locally & Nationally (Taxes not included)

*Over 100 start your own business for sale. Everything you need to succeed, Corp filings, negotiating leases, inventory financing, equipment financing, marketing, etc.

*Coming soon: used autos for sale. 75% barter 25% cash. (Taxes, titles, fees, not included) 

*Website design and development and SEO page 1 Google services

*One-Million-dollar usable asset document for profit and loss statement. *Graphic design, flyers, brochures, magazines

*Crowdfunding Masterclass.  Raise money for your business with loans.

*Grant writing.  We do 3 grants in one, tripling your chances using our proven grant writer.

*Business plan creation. Use for funding, etc.

*Childrens Community Thrift Store Startup program.  $75,000 monthly income.

*To much more to list, new products & services daily