Faster Money Methods.

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Instant Millionaire Crash Course in Acquiring Government Contracts!

Harness Government Contracting Success with Faster Money Methods

Did you know the Quickest way to become a Millionaire is by acquiring a Government Grant?  We show you how.

We specialize in creating the business you need to get specific contracts and match you up with the grant based on your desires and requirements.

The great thing about this method is that you don’t need to be an expert at anything.  If you can find a wholesale supplier for toilet paper, that may be all you need! 

There are hundreds of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of services and tens of thousands of contracts for them.

*This is the quickest way to Millionaire.  You just need to be the lowest bidder and qualify, which we will take care of for you!

  • Find open, easiest, and largest government contracts to win.
  • Negotiate competitive bids without losing your integrity.
  • Develop and write contract proposals to cover everything needed to win.
  • Review contract compliance.
  • Submit an Award-winning RFP proposal

Here are just some of the things included in our one-on-one mentor training:

Everything You Need to Succeed is here.  This one-on-one mentor training crash course is all you need to create unlimited government grants in the millions of dollars.

The secrets, shortcuts, and strategies, also include the complete preparation of the grant and you just send it out!  WE work with you to complete all the documents needed!

WE will go over the complete blueprint with the one on one for only $199, which can be applied to the cost of contract preparation and all the preparation listed above.  Most Government contract writing will cost around $5000, but we do it for only:  $699.  Yes, only $699.  That is all you need to take a shot at getting a multi-million-dollar contract.

We will send you back the payment options for the $199 which can be applied to the 699 package and work out a day and time for you.

To schedule a one on one with a mentor send a request to;