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Who Wants the BEST Gig in The World?

The Ultimate Acting /Modeling/Voiceover Adventure Awaits You…

Think about it, this requires no age restrictions, no location issues, no n gender specifics, young or old does not matter. Every TV Commercial, Program, or Video of any kind has a need for all kinds of shapes, sizes, age, gender, you name it, there are thousands of parts for virtually everyone. Many parts are not even speaking parts, so that will not matter either if you choose!

As an actor or character model you can become anyone you want, a crabby old man, a hysterical mom, a spoiled brat, a wise old sage. Think about the iconic characters created on the screen. You get to be creative, the only gig in the world that offers such a variety of mental stimulation and excitement!

When you think of the great actor characters you think of Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Jack Nicholson, & well there are 1000s of them, but the fact is 99% of the work is done by day-to-day actors. They are not world famous, although they may be in their local market. They just work steadily in a fantastic career. Who says you must work in a boring office? A filthy factory, a tedious retail shop, or serve hostile people all day in the hospitality industry?

You can be any size, shape, you do not need to look like a gorgeous model, there are gigs for every shape, size, age, gender, age, etc.

All you need is the right direction and strategic connections, and you can become a steady working actor. There are only about a dozen important things you need to learn to break into this amazing industry with 100% job satisfaction.

Can you do impressions or impersonations, create new characters, or imitate a specific animal or creature? All of these can be tremendously valuable to getting more gigs!

Think about it, 365 days a year there are thousands of networks producing content and commercials thousands of times a day! It is crazy how much work there is out there. In addition, we do 100s of our own productions!

What you need to know before you begin!

We are a network of many companies & partnerships, relationships, and resources and we market our own products and services we create, as well as products and services from other businesses.

 We produce our own Video Content, & other forms of marketing such as magazines, newsletters, TV programs, Commercials, Infomercials, Model Marketing, Mobile Video Billboards, Segments, Documentaries, Health programs, Dating Shows, Legal Education, Financial Success programs, Dining Segments, and  we recruit our own talent including models, actors, producers, spokesmodels,, voiceover talent, and kids as well, (we love kids)  every type of talent available.

We have also created innovative marketing venues for talent such as our Marketing Models who attend events and market for businesses. Maybe you remember the BUD Light Models, or have attended Conventions & seen model running booths? In addition, our Mobile Video Billboard ads are a newer form of advertising far superior to the 40ft high stationary billboards cluttered in the middle of hidden buildings that nobody even looks at.

The fastest way to make money as an actor, model, voiceover, or other talent, is to simply work directly with the Producers of the content!  Otherwise, you can spend a lifetime going to audition after audition, getting one gig out of one hundred! That makes no sense. Why not go directly to the source! If you do wish to also go that route, we have thousands of audition options with resources you can go to! We know everyone.

We have created the best way for anyone to break into this exciting, fun, creative, respected, and incredibly lucrative profession in minutes not decades, as we require no experience or special skills. If you know what you’re doing, you do not need a lot of space or time.

We have relationships and resources locally and all over the country which allows us to help our talent get hired at other gigs and potential careers. Our website marketing, newsletters, magazines we produce goes to over 100,000 Networks, TV Stations, Streaming Servies, Casting Directors, Producers, & those hiring for talent. One resource alone has over 1500 talent auditions available right now that you get to look through!

This is the only profession that is not limited by AGE, SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, LOCATION, SIZE, GENDER, or LOOKS. Does anyone care what you look like when you are doing a VOICEOVER for a cartoon, documentary, or commercial?

In this day of online video and other types of content you are minutes from income and stardom if that is what you seek. Justin Bieber among 1000s of others made it simply singing and posting his songs on YouTube. Now he is a Billionaire and world famous. YouTube pays our video content us for “clicks,” however that is not the BEST way to make money.

The BEST way is to sell some service or product with video & make profit sharing! Why make a nickel from a view when you can make $10 or $1000 from a customer who orders a product or service? We have produced 100s of different types of programming & content.  Our “Shopping Segments where we sell our own products similar to Home Shopping Channel, etc. can sell thousands of dollars in sales for each segment.

You can make 1000s a week just from “staring” in your own Talent Scout recruitment program! You make $50-$100 from each signup! That adds up quick and gets your face out there for others to evaluate. One of our talents a few years ago, got hired by the Home Shopping Channel for $150,000 a year & then went on to Broadway!

This can be an overnight success, or it can take many months to build up your portfolio, experience, and success in this industry. The most important thing is not about 20 years of experience, it is truly about WHO you know, not WHAT you know. It still requires dedication, action, & perseverance, to reach whatever your goals are, and we are here to help you reach them. One of the best things about our own self-contained productions is that you can build up a resume with us, critical to future gigs outside of our sphere as well as productions where we require some experience.

Now on to step 2, See our current and upcoming projects. As you can see, we cover a lot of territory……

  • Investing Strategies that make you rich and can start with only $250

  • 250,000-dollar Navy Federal Business & Personal Funding Program

  • Over fifty business opportunities including:  Home Staging Business, Pool Cleaning Business, Car

  • Auction Flipping, Window Tinting Business,

  • Real Estate Wholesaling: The easiest way to make money in real estate.

  • We fix Your Credit Fast Segment. Get your score to 720+ clickety split.

  • Talent Scout Income Opportunity Segment & Program

  • 50 Amazing Businesses You Can Start Today & Make Thousands a Week-Serie    

  • How To Break into Acting or Modeling Instantly Segment   

  • How To Be a Model for Live Events-Our blueprint for making thousands per event

  • Mobile Billboard Video Business-Most effective way to market your business.

  • Marketing For Small Businesses-Proven Success Formula

  • Favorite Steakhouse Restaurants with the best cut of steaks

  • Best Chinese Restaurants that is authentic

  • Top 10 Italian Restaurants like papa used to make.

  • Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in town with the freshest seafood

  • Favorite Pizza Joints with the best thin crust

  • Favorite Pizza Joints with the best thick crust

  • Hiring the Best Personal Injury Attorney or walking away poorer than when you started

  • Divorce Tips You Must Follow-For Men or lose your shirt.

  • Top 10 Best Massage Therapists in town. Quality is king

  • 10 Best Salons in Town- Hair salons that have the best talent.  

  • Top 10 Pre-Owned Furniture Stores that are the best to find top quality bargains.

  • Top 10 Women’s Clothing Shops for bargain shoppers with designer appeal

  • Ten Best Stores for Bargains-Nobody Knows are out there at discount stores

  • Top 10 Best Steakhouses in town-So good so good so good     

  • Favorite Pre-Owned Furniture Stores that you can start superfast and make $1000s.

  • Favorite Women’s Clothing Shops in town where you can save a ton.

  • Shopping Segments-3-6-minute segments offering wholesale products.

  • Crypto Investing Traders Who Make Huge Profits

  • How To Sell Marketing to Businesses- our 5 best products

  • Table Tent Promotions-Making Businesses Easy Money                                 

  • 5 Best Dating Tips for Men over fifty that work like a charm.                                 

  • 5 Best Dating Tips for Women over fifty that work like a charm.

  • How-to pick-up strippers using no money, even if you are not really that attractive.

More Programs, Segments, and Ads….

  • Best dollar store values that save hundreds a year you can invest elsewhere.

  • Best Home Business Opportunities for less than $1000

  • How to pick up the hottest woman of your choice-Like shooting ducks in a pond

  • Best home business ideas-Here are 3 best ones.

  • Fun things to do in Orlando that are not expensive.

  • Fun things to do in Orlando for free. The fifteen bests

  • Orlando’s favorite downtown bars & clubs to have fun & meet a different sex.

  • Easy online money ideas- Work from home

  • Dating hot women with money-The simple 100% effective methods

  • Low startup cost businesses the ten bests

  • Best income ideas-amazing side hustles

  • Making thousands a week for models by helping create your own content.

  • Making thousands a week for actors by helping create your own content.

  • Making thousands a week doing voiceovers

  • Making money without a job-the easy simple solution

  • Flipping houses with no money, no cash, no credit

  • Effortless way to make an extra $700 a month with only 7 hours a month of work.

  • The $100 an hour side hustle donating plasma for $800 a month!

  • Raising your Fico score one hundred Points per bureau in 3 weeks

  • Starting a thrift store, making 5k a week, while helping children’s charities

  • Flipping used cars for thousands-secrets unknown to the masses

  • Merchant cash advance funding & secrets that can make your business wealthy.

  • The best company to help generate new customers for you in minutes.

  • How to be a successful model anywhere in the country with no experience

  • How to make seven figures as a tv producer without any training

  • How to start your own exec center and collecting tons of high-cost rentals

  • Starting an AIRBNB without any cash & making $2000 per unit

  • Best way to rent a property for maximum profits without even owning the property.

  • Business Funding steps to one million in loans and how to have them paid off for you.                       

  •  Using public domain characters and monetizing them                       

  • The best fast-food restaurant to start up and make 500k a year.

  • Six figures a year starting a credit repair business-secrets unknown to the 99%.

  • The excellent value in buying an aged or shelf corporation.

  • How to get 250k in business and/or personal funding and loans

  • The best Amazon product to sell & make hundreds a week!

  • Retail arbitrage-$1000 a week working a few hours a week.

  • Mobile car window tinting riches starting from nothing.

  • Starting or acquiring a bar, or nightclub using none of your own money

  • Making thousands a week offering Aged Shelf to Entrepreneurs

  • How to acquire free grant money for personal or business

  • Flipping cars, you buy at auctions cheap.

  • Making thousands a week selling sunglasses on Amazon & other similar sites

  • Making thousands a week selling women’s cosmetics on Amazon & other similar sites

  • Office cleaning business that runs on auto pilot and makes 1000s a week                                          

    More Information on projects we do…………….

    Concerts-Local Events-National Events-Bars/Clubs/Restaurants-On Site Businesses

    In Studio-Stadium Events-Shot Models-Beach Events-Costumed Party & Themed Events


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*Free Limited Access Membership to thousands of dollars in Acting, Talent, Voiceover, and free monthly talent newsletter with jobs, gigs, career opportunities. *Gig access with thousands of our contacts in TV, Video, Production, and Networks *FREE Invitations to our monthly networking events locally (& up to three guests-$60 value) *Access to our Financial Education courses and training (How to become rich)-$150,000 in value! *Access to our 100% a month Crypto profit-sharing program-Making money while you sleep *Ongoing consultations and support, as well as opportunities to get hired for our gigs as they may come up if you have a special skill, talent, look, age, etc. *We usually hire from our talent website. *Thousands of dollars in Free Gift Certificates for Travel, Cruises, Hotels, Tech Products, Restaurant Dinners, and more. Just pay taxes, or shipping & handling. *Access to our list of current & upcoming Productions & Projects -dozens of them at any one time. *Talent Scout business opportunity. $50 -$100 paid per talent referral)
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*A Free $2500 Membership with free webinars, access to private projects & productions, access to our production team. *Headshots. You will need a headshot to be included in our projects. This is how we find the specific talent for our projects & productions. Value: $697 Your Cost: FREE Video Demo/Bio Video: $997 Value, Your discounted cost: $497. Includes marketing of your video. *Creating a website page on our website $97 value-Your cost: FREE Webhosting: $14.97 a Month value; FREE which includes: Our monthly newsletter with list of current & upcoming opportunities, *Monthly networking events free admission for you and up to three guests, $60 value -Free *Private Investment into our 100% a month profit Auto Pilot Crypto Investment. This alone can make you wealthy without any of your direct efforts, no skills, no experience, auto pilot profits. *First access to high paying projects with our network of TV Stations, You Tube Influencers, & Broadcasters. Thousands more in income. *Work on at least one paid project with the Website, headshot, and Demo Reel. Profit Sharing, or hourly depending on the current project. *Thousands of dollars in value with our Travel Gift Certificates, Restaurant Gift Certificates, and more. Profit sharing on all productions you work in that air on YouTube with “clicks” and/or sponsored ads. *Free career coaching. $5000 Value Your Cost: Free *Free FICO credit improvement process with access to personal loans. $1500 value: Included *Business Opportunity for referral agent (talent scout) $5000 Value, Your Cost: $97 Receive up to $200 per referral) Talent Scout Management Income Opportunity: Value: $297 your cost: zero *Limo event rides with top casting directors, tv network executives, & producers. *Note: The best way to get more gigs is to build up a resume! Work for no pay until you build up a solid portfolio. This is also the quickest way to get to the bigger paying gigs, programs, commercials, etc. that require more experienced talent.
Required for the webpage. Total: $588 First Month’s Website hosting included
I wish to become a full access member with all the full access member benefits included above: Total Due $497
Payment is made by Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal, or bank wire during phone interview. *Your Cashapp, PayPal, or Zelle address is needed for you to receive instant paychecks for gigs or ongoing projects. We will soon have a company debit card we can put your payments directly to! Once the agreement is signed, we will call you to complete orientation, payment, and get you started. You will also have immediate access to our upcoming projects, courses, & mentoring on financial education as well as talent
Equipment That Will Help You Obtain Virtual Gigs! Making Money from Home!
*Computer with camera *Excellent quality tabletop microphone *Small portable green screen *Small Decent light kit *All of these can be gotten for around $30 dollars each. (Except laptop) *Ask us for resource websites. Offices: Orlando-Tampa-Miami-Clearwater-FT Lauderdale-West Palm Beach-Daytona Orlando: 618 E. South St. Suite 500 Orlando Fl. 32801 Any city with a REGUS office we have offices in! Over 1,312 offices nationwide are