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Always Use The Bankers Money!

THERE IS NO SECRET TO BECOMING FINANCIALLY FREE…YOU DO CERTAIN THINGS AND YOU GET CERTAIN RESULTS! The rich get richer because they understand the difference between good debt and bad debt. To become rich you will need to use Other People’s Money. You don’t have enough of your own money to acquire bigger, better, and more investments and businesses that make large CHUNKS of money and MULTIPLE STREAMS of RESIDUAL Income.


A great teacher has always been measured by the number of students who surpass him. The secret to making all the money you want can be reduced to a simple formula.

The secret to making all the money you want is no secret. It’s a rule, just like the rules of nature, you do certain things you get CERTAIN results.

Following these simple formulas can make a student all the money they ever want. The key is to give you the answers. All laid out step by step in a simple, proven, easy to follow formula. A lot of things can be learned on the fly.

Here are the 8 rules of wealth creation you must follow if you want Financial Freedom...

1. FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE.  You must educate yourself on the game you want to play.  It’s not necessary to know everything, it’s only necessary to find the mentors and experts who do.

2. OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.  You don’t have enough of your own.  Use OPM to generate large CASHFLOW you can use to acquire bigger and better opportunities.  Use a little of your money and a lot of someone else’s.  It’s called LEVERAGE!  Leverage allows you to make more money 20, 40, 100 times faster.

3. STRATEGIC CONNECTIONS.  You’re only one contact from having all the money you want.

4. SUCCESSFUL MENTORS.  Mentors give you shortcuts.  They have already made all the mistakes in a given area.  They eliminate the headaches, hassles, trial-and-errors!

5. IMMEDIATE INCOME PRODUCING INVESTMENTS.  You don’t want to RUN a business, you want to OWN businesses.  PASSIVE investments that work hard so you don’t have to!  You must make money without your direct efforts.  When your using other peoples money  (like the banks) you need to get IMMEDIATE returns.  Buy and Hold is NOT a good strategy using someone else’s money.

6. COPY SUCCESS!  Just do what other ordinary people are doing to make all their millions.  Making money is not hard, keeping it is.

7. Tax Strategy.  What’s the point in making all that money when the government is taking it up to 70%.  This is what keeps Americans from every realizing their dreams of financial independence.  You must have intelligent tax strategies that the rich use to keep and protect and grow their money.  While the government taketh away, they also give you all the strategies to eliminate 98% of your taxes.

If you spend an hour doing something you do not want to do you do not have ULTIMATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  ULTIMATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM is what you want to achieve.  Anything less is a form of financial slavery.  Anybody who ever said money can’t buy happiness never had any.

ULTIMATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM MEANS YOU HAVE AN unobstructed path in living your life as you choose.  If you have to spend an hour at something you don’t want to be doing you don’t have ultimate financial freedom.  ULTIMATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM is what you want to achieve.

There is only one success and that is to be able to spend your life in your way.  Solve your financial problems and you can usually solve  every other single problem you have.  Either you control your lifestyle or someone else will.

True wealth is financial peace of mind, physically optimum health and spiritual peace of mind. Money is at the root of most insecurities, fears, arguments and wars.  If you can solve your money problems, you can usually improve all the other areas of your life.  Provided you use it as a tool of good, not greed.

No matter how long we work, no matter how little we sleep, no matter how hard we try, very few of us achieve the life we imagine or hoped for. There is another way. If you struggle financially it’s because you have either failed to learn the laws that build wealth or else, you do not observe them.   The rich say “How can I afford it?” not “I can’t afford it”.

Nobody wants to open a business so they can work 120 hours a week, miss all their kids’ events, and never take a vacation, so why would you?

Choose the wrong business and your life is a nightmare.  Your business must serve you rather than you serving it.  You must build your business around your ideal lifestyle.

With a job you will be old, tired and broke living on government scraps but you will have made other people rich. Good for you! They live well off your lack of emotional discipline, financial stupidity, risk avoidance, and absence of leadership and discipline.  Your life will not improve unless you improve.

It’s hard to expect yourself to pay for college, master a skill, raise your kids, support your parents in old age, pay health costs, financial emergencies, automobile payments and insurance and repairs, pay kids’ college, living expenses, save for retirement, whew!  Get it? Make more money.  Why complicate your life?

When most people think about money they think about the words “working hard”.  They think about themselves working hard; when the rich think about working hard they think about others working hard for them.

The only way you can find ULTIMATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM is by finding and implementing highly specific wealth building principles and strategies the ultra-rich use every single day.  You must learn what the

rich  know.   

The secret to making all the money you want can be reduced to a simple formula. The secret to making all the money you want is no secret.  It’s a rule, just like the rules of nature;  you do certain things and you get certain results.  Just repeat the actions of others that are already making large amounts of money.

The rule to making huge amounts of money in the quickest time period is simple: just find a proven product that is making other ordinary people TREMENDOUS amounts of money. Then discover exactly what they are doing to make all their money. Then find as many ways as you can to imitate their success and correct the mistakes their making.

This simple formula allows you to make all the money you want.

Don’t Be an Average Joe!

Are You Ready to Do What It Takes to Be Financially FREE?

Most people now are so lazy they want everyone else to do all the work for them. Completely undisciplined. They require instant gratification. They cry about their lives, and circumstances. They look for lazy ways to make a lot of money that does not involve hard work. They want something for nothing.

They are always digging in the wrong places. A big break, gambling, lottery, inheritance, a get rich quick scheme. The most important thing to understand about finding opportunities is that if you are looking for buried treasure you had better have a good idea where it’s hidden before you start digging.

Most people cannot even complete a simple ten-minute task if it were not for the last minute of a deadline, 98% of the population would not accomplish anything. Trying to get an underachiever to do anything without the fear of punishment is like trying to walk on water.

Most people to this day still do not know that the odds of them scratching and clawing their way out of this avalanche of new tax laws and regulations to keep people poor is getting harder and more impossible by the day.

Every one of us was designed and trained to become a slave for the purposes of supporting only a handful of super wealthy families. No, it is not as obvious as it used to be when our grandparents were working assembly line jobs in a dead-end factory (that has been long put out of business thanks to China).

Instead, we are blinded by what is really going on with distractions such as the latest iPhone release, video games, endless amounts of “stuff” to watch on television and any other distraction you can think of. If only we would take a few hours to sit, ponder, and think about the “bigger picture” on what is really going on.

The first thing you can do is…stop watching so much television, especially the news. This is numbing your brain into a moron-like state. Stop it. Lay off the iPad and the video games, too. This is putting you into a non-existent fantasy land that will only disservice your ability to think creatively as time goes on.

The poor travel through life in economy class and waste their time on unhealthy habits and then wonder why they do not have anything. Their lack of education, laziness, bad habits, lack of guidance and mentor




Any ethical company must make an earnings disclaimer.  Financial Holdings of Florida is not an investment banker, securities broker, or agent of any trading platform. Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials.  Past profits do not mean any guarantee of future profits, as market conditions, acts of God, and many other factors can affect returns. We invest in these programs ourselves.

Great Wealth CreTion Secret- Use Strategic Contacts!

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