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Capital One Quicksilver Card Agreement

Financial Holdings of Florida has a relationship with a third party who can obtain credit cards regardless of credit scores, credit history, or income.

*No qualifying-he gets it done no matter what and we guarantee the card to everyone that sends us legal, updated information!

They are able to obtain credit from $5000 up to $100,000 in 8-14 days or expedited in 4-5  business days for an additional $150. It can take 2-4 days for processing time from us receiving info to them processing files.  Please note we cannot be responsible for any delays  or denials caused by underwriter backlogs, snail mail, or any erroneous information sent.

*There are upfront costs because that is how he makes his profit for doing this.  *We charge a backend fee, that is how we make money from this for you AND how you can make money referring people to this amazing opportunity to escape the rat race!

The point is this is a credit card that does everything you want it to do.

A. It reports to the bureaus so you can raise your fico scores!

B. It gets you cash to invest in our crypto program and retire in a few months.

C. With our Crypto 50% a month investment, you can quit your day job soon.

D. You have emergency cash for any situation & build more credit on the card with on time payments.

E. You can liquidate it through us for added cash for improving lifestyle choices.

F. Help others get this card and make $175-$2450 per card acquired!  You make 50% of backend success fees!

G. You receive instant membership into our area with over $!50,000 in financial courses, free restaurant & travel Gift Certificates, free webinars, and much more.

Here is how it works:

This is the capital one quicksilver card. Normally 690 fico scores are needed, but not with our inside source.

10%-12% total fees: 4-5% upfront and 7-8% after you receive the card.

You can upgrade the card and use some of your card funds for more money!

Put an X by the card you want…

5k card: $375 due upfront $350 due after received.    

10k card; $750 due upfront and $650 due us after received.

20k card: $1400 due upfront and $1000 due s after received.

50k card: $2900 due upfront and $2500 due us after received.

60k card: $3400 due upfront and $3900 due us after received.

100k card: $4900 due upfront and $4900 due us after received.

*Backend success fees are due within 48 hours of receiving card or it can be cancelled.
Note: If you already have a Capital One card or defaulted on one previously you are not eligible.


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