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Financial Broadcast Studios has the following positions upcoming or current career opportunities: These are fun full or parting career opportunities, not just a JOB. Huge advancement opportunities and unlimited income potential
We also produce Missing & homeless children’s programs which you will be part of. Fun. Exciting. Creative Careers. Flexible hours
  1. Personal Assistant. Help CEO multi tasks Internet & phone skills, on camera TV opportunities, light travel, you name it. Profit sharing, benefits, expense account, salary.
  1. Bartender trainer.  Fun gig flexible, hourly, part time. Opportunity to work on other projects as desired.
  1. Workshop teachers. 20hr, fun, teach financial education courses will train. Part time, flexible.
  1. Actor/models/ voiceover tv work.  National tv exposure.  build a demo. We hire workshop talent!
  1. Camera person, editor. Experienced, in special effects, Adobe and Final Cut pro.. Great career opportunity. Flexible hours.
  1. Scriptwriters, get paid profit sharing! Create infomercials & programs for legal, medical, etc.
  1. Tv producer/Sales Manager.  A producer raises money. Talk to businesses about their own Tv program. Furnished appointments.  average $2000-$5000 per week commissions.
  1. Thrift shop manager for our children’s charity,  
  1. TV Spokesmodels/ Tv Hosts.  Be the star of our tv programs, infomercials, courses, commercials! Pay per performance.  Also, great opportunity for interns and workshop students.

  2. Voiceover work.  Dub commercials, educational videos, tv programs & infomercials.  Per project pay.

  3. Phone appointments.  Help the TV producer generate tv programs and commercials by calling local businesses to participate in our programs.

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