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Prison Consultant – The Secret to Making Hundreds of thousands a year with an incredibly easy piece of knowledge those on trial are never told.

What if we could show you a little known secret that is used to reduce a prisoner’s sentence by 18 months?

Do you know how much someone going to prison, or in prison would pay for this information.   The most amazing thing is that it is so easy and requires very little effort.  Very little.

There are many ways to make a great living as a Prison Consultant.  Those going to Federal Prison

This is for those arrested and going through the arrest and conviction process.  We want the most amount of money with the least amount of effort, while helping these people reduce their sentences dramatically.

It is not about releasing bad people back to society, although 96% of these people just plead guilty even though they may not be guilty, because they are threatened with a very long sentence, or their family will be targeted if they don’t plead guilty. In addition, sentences are not befitting the crime. People convicted of Marijuana possession have been sent to prison for decades, yes, decades. The system is very broken.

We have a solution for these people and NO attorney will tell their client this. We know of 100’s of clients of attorneys who were told nothing of this solution.

This simple formula will reduce sentences up to 18 months.  Now ask yourself, how much would you pay to reduce your sentence up to 18 months?

You would pay almost anything.  Anything.

Well, we have that knowledge, and we will show you how to acquire all the business you want and charge, $5,000 for this knowledge and how to offer it to those in the federal criminal court system.

We have used this system effectively with 100% success rates ourselves.

When you know what your doing, you do not need a lot of space, time, money, or effort.  Our cost is not $5,000, it’s only $199 is all you need to make all the money you want.

There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, of people who are arrested and convicted every year. That means you have hundreds of thousands of clients.

To request a one-on-one training for only $199, with a mentor, email us at: with a time and day EST and we will confirm it and send payment information.