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Frequently Asked Questions


If you know how to make so much money, why are you doing this?

We only work an hour a day, and it’s not work to us, we love helping others, and we also make plenty of money for that hour. We train and outsource all our money methods.

What is the best path to follow to become financially free, once and for all?

There is no great secret to living the Optimum Leisurely Lifestyle as we call it. If you don’t have enough of your own money, you use other people’s money. Then you invest it in passive investments that make money while you sleep, that make high enough returns that cover fees, interest payments, etc. Money is not cheap or free, but it’s better than using your own. The rich borrow money at 5%-10% for example and then invest where they can get returns of 5%-100% a month! There are thousands of ways to do this

What if I don’t have a lot of money and bad credit?

If you want an excuse, one is as good as another. Excuses are for incompetent people. We have ban credit funding if you have a decent income but bad credit. If your broke and have bad credit, you need to fix your credit. We have fast credit repair that actually works for cheap.

How much money can I make following your steps?

It’s not about being a Millionaire, it’s about lifestyle and quality of life. You only need to buy so many mattresses, socks, can eat only so many meals and drive so many cars. It’s not about being a millionaire but living like one. About 250k a year is all you need to live the life you want. We also have secrets to live like a millionaire without being one, but that said, we have unlimited money methods, you follow the ones that excite you the most. You want to wake up in the morning to be excited to start your day.

Do you offer mentoring to help me?

Yes, we do. Most of it is free for our members. We also have free webinars, and meetings to go over new products and programs. We are first and foremost a research company. We look for the best money methods, investments, and business opportunities. Then we cherry pick the 1/10th of 1% that are investigated, researched, evaluated, studied, monitored, and tested. Then we offer them to our members and take a small profit from each deal.