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Anyone can make it in this Multi-Billion Dollar Fun, Exciting, and Lucrative Entertainment Industry!

Think about this, there are over 1500 TV Networks, there are dozens of streaming websites now, there is an unlimited number of platforms and all of them require VOICE OVERS on their video!

Think about this as well, all these stations run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and an average channel has dozens of programs every day and run an average of 16 commercial per hour! And it gets better….

It does not matter how you look, what age you are, where you are located, and what your experience is. If you have a voice, it is the perfect voice for hundreds of projects every day, week, month, year!

Think about it…  A mom crying, a grumpy old man, a wimpy dog, a crying kid, there are voices that require a certain style, impression, imitation, flair, charisma, or attitude.

You are acting without being on camera, that is all. Think of James Earl Jones, or Morgan Freeman. Their voice is on the air in hundreds of documentaries, programs, commercials, animation, cartoons, movies, behind costumes and props, the opportunities never end.

The secret is “How do you break into the Voiceovers business” that is the $64,000 question. How do you get experience and a “Demo Reel” or on the right website, where the producers can find you.

Well, listen to this. We can give you the experience you need and want. We can put you into actual TV and Streaming productions, Commercials, Programs, Infomercials, and much more. We solve the first problem you have.

Next, we have a listing site for our talent, which is sent to hundreds of Networks, Stations, Production houses, and everywhere producers look for Voiceovers talent! We even give you a list of the top 20 Voiceover sites that generate the most business for the talent they list on the site.

In this one-on-one training by someone in the industry for 40 years, you will also learn the best way to contact these producers and get your foot in the door.

To get in on our TV Voiceover coaching in Orlando, Florida you will need to work at the studio we have. But for now, you need to get this One-on-one mentor training and go over the important steps that must be done, to get started in this amazingly creative field, where you can make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a 30 second voiceover, or any one of thousands of other opportunities.

The GREATEST Gig in the world, by far………VOICEOVER ARTIST!


Think about it, this requires no age restrictions, no location issues, no n gender specifics, young or old does not matter. Almost everyone has a voice, and, in a few hours, you could be making hundreds of dollars for a 30 second commercial, or thousands for a documentary, animation, cartoon, educational course, audio book, program, movie, company educational course, or anyone of thousands of gigs, some of them can be permanent!

With a voiceover you can become anyone you want, a crabby old man, a hysterical mom, a spoiled brat, a wise old sage. Think about the iconic characters created with a voiceover.

Darth Vader! Bugs Bunny! The Simpsons! Virtually every commercial on Television! When you think of the great voiceover characters you think of Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, & well there are 1000s of them, some of them become internationally famous just from there voice and you have never even seen their face!

You can be any size, shape, and unlike Actors or Models, you do not need a specific look, because looks do not matter!

And nowadays, you can create a voiceover from your home without even having to travel if you do not choose to!

All you need is the right direction and strategic connections, and you can be a world class voiceover artist. There are only about a dozen important things you need to learn to become a voiceover superstar.

Can you do impressions or impersonations, create new characters, or imitate a specific animal or creature? All of these can be tremendously valuable to getting more gigs!

And here is the best part… At Financial Broadcast Studios and The Florida Talent Factory we have an online crash course training session where we cover Everything You Need to Succeed! From A to Z, you are only a couple steps away from your dream Career with a 100% job satisfaction rate, AND a high paying lifestyle! What we call the “Trifecta” of freedom.

The Florida Talent Factory even offers in person Talent Workshops, while you work on actual on air tv commercials, programs, educational videos, crash courses, and dozens of other programs! You build a demo reel which is exactly what you need to succeed!

The Florida Talent Factory will create your website page for you on our site, create a headshot, your demo reel with actual tv production experience, and show you where to go to get all the gigs you want.

You will also be given a FREE membership with us and get first crack at the gigs we hire out for! Only through our workshops or online training can you be offered this membership, as we want to use only our talent, who are expertly trained in how we want a voiceover talent to be!

So, if your local in Florida, you can hop on a FREE 15-minute consultation with one of our producers or take our Crash Course online Voiceover Mentoring and Fasttrack your career in minutes not years!

Click on the FREE consultation button at the top of any page and let us get you started in the most amazing career anybody could ever have!

To register for a One-on-one mentor training (approximately 1 hour), the priceless training is only $199.

Request an application at; and let us get you on the road to the career of a lifetime!

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