Faster Money Methods.

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Want to make $200,000 a year while helping charities?

Well then form a Non-Profit (we can do it for you), then look for a storefront (we can show you how to get one cheap), then put in some racks, and a cash register, and PRESTO! You have a cash machine!

Here is the best part….

You donate 10% or more, as much as you want to local charities that help children, abuse shelters, homeless shelters, foster kids, special needs kids, etc. Get it?

Local businesses will donate tons of new and used stuff to you if you just ask.

Local people in the neighborhood, will bring you carloads of things, from household, to clothes, jewelry, furniture, you name it, for free. You have a ZERP cash cost in your inventory.

It gets better, we are going to show you how to get all the FREE help you want. Yes, FREE help, now you do not have any labor costs either.

And you can take a generous salary for you and your family. The more you sell, the more you make, and a typical thrift shop has a dozen people shopping at any one time.

We work with one that does well over $200,000 a year and generates Millions in inventory they resell. Much of it new, or slightly used.

What a terrific way to make large sums of money, while helping you your local community.  Also, its so EASY to start up, requires no experience, education, talent, or age restrictions.

Every single city is underserved with Thrift Shops so there is plenty of room and little competition really. Every one loves a bargain.  Saving a dollar is 100 times smarter than making a dollar.

And you will have access to things you can use yourself. Save on expenses as well. We will show you how to get all the FREE store items you want.

Everything you need to succeed we cover in this One on one ONE-hour Crash Course

. If you know what your doing, you do not need a lot of space, time, or money. Why not benefit society and be a superstar in your community.

This $5000 seminar is only $199 with a mentor, contact us and lets get you started on an amazing journey.