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Tv Production

Who do you know wants to be a TV producer in this highly lucrative field with unlimited fun, excitement, success, and of course MONEY.

Want to know what the Highest paid career in America is? The one with the highest career satisfaction?  The one with the most creative freedom to stimulate your brain?

It is the career of a TV Producer. We know, we have been doing it for 40 years and love every second of it. Nothing else even comes close.

So how do you “break in” to this best kept secret on the planet? Actually it’s quite simple and I personally started a highly successful production studio, tv programs, did more commercials in the country than any other company in our heyday!

I started it with no money, (I just produced an idea for a local tv show and then went out and sold the time on it to clients and picked up deposits in the thousands of dollars). I used that money to

  1. Hire salespeople
  2. Hire phone people
  3. Create print marketing materials
  4. Hire Editors and Camerapersons
  5. Hire actors and did the voice overs myself with no experience. This was the most fun job of them all, by the way. Voiceovers are fantastic.
  6. Learned how to buy airtime on tv, and this was way before streaming, so now it is a breeze and we can also show you how to hire someone who will hand hold you through this entire process.

We show you all the right equipment you need cheap, we can show you how to finance it, and how to rent studio time when you are getting started, for free.

We will show you what programs to produce that make the most amount of money, in the fastest amount of time, with the least amount of effort and money. Have your salespeople pick up checks by the dozens every single day, we did, and we had ZERO experience. If we did it with no experience at all, you can certainly do this with 40 years of trail and error, headaches, and hassles. We are giving you the shortcuts!

To register for this One-on-one Millionaire Blueprint Step by Step Crash Course with a world class mentor, simple email us for an application to.

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These are just a few of the Networks, Stations, & Streaming Services we are seen on! Our customized app connects to over 14 Streaming Services alone!

Reaching Millions locally, Hundreds of Millions Nationally, & Billions Globally!