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Have an infomercial idea?

Yes, we produce infomercials or as there called in the industry, Direct Response commercials.  Short form (60-120 seconds) or long form, (30 minutes).

This is the best way to advertise because you see your results instantly!  But wait, there’s more!

With a good direct response commercial, we have seen sales top $500,000 on a weekend.  

We like to do things a little smarter here.  We don’t actually “air infomercials”, what we do is create a TV Program on a subject, giving t000s of viewers excitement, entertainment, and important knowledge so they can make an intelligent decision regarding the product or service.

If done right, with the 30 things you need to do to a commercial to make it work, the money can pour in.  If you have an idea on a product or service, we can produce it at the lowest price in the country, or we can figure out a partnership and produce it all at our expense. You just need the idea.

There are 1000s of products and services that make millionaires every day of the week! Everyday.  It doesn’t even need to be a new idea; hundreds of millions are made from simple items already being sold out there.  You just create a “better version” of what is out there now.

George Foreman made tens of millions and still does, with his Grille! Diet pills, Nutritional products, household items, a recent vacuum cleaner sold 220 million in sales last year.

If you want to be a multi-millionaire this is as good as any shot, you will ever take in life!

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