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How To Make Your Business Aged by Acquiring Seasoned Aged Primary Tradelines?

A primary tradeline is an account on a credit report in the name of the principal account owner.

The best primary tradelines have been open for several years and have a high credit limit. These accounts will list you as a primary account owner.  


An aged primary tradeline can reduce interest rates tremendously on all your credit purchases, from credit cards to auto purchases to renting an apartment.  Reduced interest rates on a real estate mortgage can save you TENS of Thousands of dollars over the life of a mortgage AND reduce the monthly payments several hundred dollars a month.

An aged Primary tradeline can help you qualify for large funding.  In many cases it’s the difference between getting any funding and getting six or seven figure funding.

Aged Primary tradelines can be used to help get a job, will raise the scores on a business or FICO file, and adds credibility.

Aged Primary tradelines with a low balance, are actually assets.  Think about it, the line shows payments have been made for usually years and are about to be paid off, in a couple months, depending on the terms of the debt.  Usually there are only a few payments left, which means that the asset showing, like a financial product, means that this asset is almost paid off.  This asset is now bought and paid for, think of it like a car. It’s now an asset.

Aged primary tradelines should be acquired from a legitimate company. The must be purchased from a legitimate tradeline that comes from a person or company.  Legitimate companies merely buy a tradeline portfolio of bad debts from a bank and then can resell them.

Scores can go up as soon as they are posted by the bureaus. It can take weeks however to upload them as bureaus only post them once a month, usually.

There are THREE types of Tradelines.

  1. Aged Primary Tradelines. These are typically not cheap.  They are the most valuable. These lines you cannot use to buy things.
  2. An Aged Primary Tradeline can add years to your credibility to get government contracts, grants, and loans from private investors to banks.
  3. Vendor Tradelines. These are usually net 30 lines that you pay off as you go.  They are also very valuable for raising scores for funding, and the other benefits, including the fact that you can actually use these lines for your use.
  4. Authorized User tradelines. You are just piggybacking your name on someone with aged credit and benefiting from there good payment history, similar benefits of other lines but they don’t stay on very long.

AGED Tradeline Prices:

THREE primary tradelines up to 4 years old, $300,000 in lines:   $1999 Market Value: $15,000

Six primary tradelines: Up to 4 years old, $600,000 in lines  $2999 Market Value:  $30,000

Individual Aged Primary Tradelines: 1% of the total of the line.  Example:  A $100,000 tradeline is $1000. 

We offer a 15% discount for members on all purchases.

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