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Tradeline Application

Instant Wealth Club has a relationship with a 3rd party resource who will add primary tradelines to your credit files.

These prices are a fraction of what other companies charge, which is up to 10% of the total line amount.

The goal of adding tradelines is to add FICO points to one or more of the 3 bureaus.  An aged tradeline can enhance a score tremendously.  This allows in many cases the reduction in interest rates on any purchases. In the case of a mortgage, possibly several hundred thousand dollars over the life of a loan.  So being able to obtain real estate is usually the number one factor in raising fico scores and reducing interest rates on credit cards, loans, etc.

Another reason for adding aged tradelines is to obtain larger funding from banks.  There are many factors involved in lending.  The current status of your 3 bureau reports, current tradelines, late payments, too many inquiries, defaults, current income, debt ratio, job security, etc.   Adding tradelines does not guarantee any amount of funding, it only helps get you to where you might need to be.

We have relationships with funding sources that can get up to TEN times more funding than you can get at your own bank!  There are methods processors use and relationships they have that can increase your loans substantially and generate multiple loans as well, lines of credit,  cash credit cards, etc.

We are not direct lenders so we cannot guarantee any amount of funding, although there is lending standards, we are aware of, and fitting into these lending criteria and compliance, we know how much funding we can usually generate if clients follow the directions properly.

We use only legal tradelines approved by the bureaus. The data furnisher reserves the right to post the tradelines in a manner in which their account will not be subject to termination or scrutiny by the bureaus.  Tradelines posted must make sense. You cannot have a $100,000 tradeline posting if you don’t have older lines, showing up from older credit received.  Postings have to make sense. Numbers may vary to insure the smooth transition of tradelines to your file.

Tradelines post according to when the order is placed.  Our third-party data furnisher has relationships with the bureaus and can post tradelines at their discretion.  It may take from 10-45 days to post normally.   Please note that there are circumstances when a tradeline won’t post for some reason, not the fault of the data furnisher, but the bureaus.   They post millions and millions of lines per month.

In the event a tradeline doesn’t post for one of many reasons, do not worry, we will have it resent for posting again asap.  With millions of lines posted, this can and does happen.  We will replace any tradeline that cannot be posted because of any particular issue.

All orders must be placed before the 25th of any month to ensure they are processed in time for next month’s posting, sometime between the 10th and the 20th.

Tradelines are subject to availability as these are already produced tradelines and sell out very quickly.

We cannot guarantee any particular date when they will post, only that they will post, or give you a credit on future tradelines.    Each bureau like, D&B, etc. pulls the lines from them at their discretion.

Tradelines that are uploaded as Paid In Full (usually around 36 months) 3 for $1999______ These include installment, auto, revolving,  and/or mortgage

Tradelines that are aged from 1 yr. up to 3 years depending on files are revolving, installment, auto, etc. which show a long payment history paid on time, with only a couple payments left on the balance.  These lines are considered much more valuable because they are current, show a low debt ratio, which lowers the debt ratio on your file if you have other payments on other credit cards, loans, etc and mayonly post on 2 of the 3 bureaus,

Amounts can range from $5,000 up to $50,000 depending on the current file you have.

Cost for 3 tradelines: $2999 _____ Cost for 6 tradelines: $3499______

Total Cost: $1200

Payment can be made by: Zelle; Cashapp: $instantwealth2   (add 3% for fees for Cashapp because of their costs)

Information needed:

Legal Name:





Credit Monitoring Login or 3 bureau report, for analysis:



Authorized Signer for Instant Wealth Club DBA:


Instant Wealth Club will reduce the cost of tradelines by $500 as a discount for previous orders.

Instant Wealth Club will reduce the cost of tradelines by $500 because of a previous deposit from 30 days ago to hold the tradelines.

Signed: Mark moncher