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Turn ANY Property into A Bed & Breakfast!

There is a very simple way to start a B&B in a matter of hours, with limited money, time, and effort!

Our One-on-one Mini Crash Course gives you all the information, resources, contacts, and step by step blueprint to make six figure incomes in a property you may already have.

*We cover the almost nonexistent regulations or laws, including any licenses, which are usually not even needed!

*How to rent homes and turn that rent into 5 times the income!  (Hint: Landlords love this!)

*How to find all the travelers you want, marketing secrets no one else knows about

*How to use Airbnb to generate an overflow of travelers to your B&B

*How to start with little to no money.

*How to decorate your B&B to get 5-star rave reviews and explode your business.

*How to set up your “Breakfast” so you don’t even need to be there!

*Follow the success of some of the most successful B&Bs in the country.

*Where to locate your B&B. 

*How to buy real estate and turn it into a B&B using none of your own money

*How to run many B&Bs at one time.  You can actually do a dozen easily

*And lots more secrets, strategies, and shortcuts, to make all the money you want

 Get this One-on-One Crash Course with one of our mentors for only $199.  Hundreds of thousands in value in this step-by-step Millionaire Blueprint! 

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