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Millionaire Blueprints Training Course

A Fasttrack Step by Step Shortcuts on How to Create   Financial Freedom in Weeks not Decades,Starting from ZERO

101 Shortcuts, Strategies, & Secrets with one on one training with mentors who are outrageously successful who will not teach you, they will SHOW you how to create unlimited wealth starting with none of your own money, in no time flat

  1. Millionaire Shortcut #1: Creating the greatest quality of life.Your goal is to create the highest quality of life for you and your loved ones.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #2: Creating Ultimate Financial Freedom Your goal is to generate enough money to be able to live as you want to live. You do this using the same principles as the rich use.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #3: Optimum Leisurely Lifestyle.If you have to spend one single hour working at something you do not want to do, you do not have the OPTIMUM LEISURELY LIFESTYLE.
  1.  Millionaire Shortcut #4: Financial Intelligence: You must educate yourself on the game you want to play. It’s not necessary to know everything, it’s only necessary to find the mentors and experts who do. We have them.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut # 5: Other People’s Money.  You don’t have enough of your own, and if you did, why would you use yours? The rich use this tactic, and one of the greatest benefits is that you don’t pay any taxes on the money. The rich use OPM.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #6: Strategic Connections. Your only one contact from having all the money you want.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #7: Financial & Life Skills Mentors successful Mentors. A good mentor can save you 20 years of trial & error, headache & hassles, stop you from taking 2 steps back for 1 forward.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #8:  Immediate Residual Income Producing Investments:  You don’t want to run businesses, you want to own businesses.  Passive investments that work hard so you don’t have to. Like the ones we have.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #9: Copy Success: The easiest and fastest way to unlimited wealth is to hitch a ride with someone already successful. Only listen to someone who is successful, everyone else is full of it.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #10: Tax Strategy to pay zero taxes  Taxes are the greatest destructor of wealth, taking up to 70% of your income. It is also the greatest creator of wealth when you use smart tax strategies. Like the rich use it. Like we do.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #11: Focus: All the billionaires have said their number one reason for success is incredible focus. He who chases two rabbits catches none.  Learn this from us.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #`12: ResearchYou must educate yourself on the best money methods & cherry pick the best 1/10th of 1%. Investigate, Evaluate, Educate,Study,Monitor,Test.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #13: Strategic Partners Nobody goes anywhere by themselves, they align with JV partnerships to propel their efforts like a rocket. There is no I in team remember.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #14  Do these certain things, get certain results. There is  no secret to becoming Financially Free, you do certain things, and you will get Certain results. Do what the rich do.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #15  Making Large Chunks of Money To become rich you need to have money methods that make large Chunks of cash   as well as Multiple Streams of Residual Revenue.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #16 Make Money While You Sleep To get rich, you have to make money while you sleep. If you try to make money with your direct efforts and swap time for money, you will always be broke.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #17  Start Today-Time is your most valuable asset. A year from now you will wish you had started today. Most people wait until the last 15 minutes before a deadline to get anything done.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #18  Live like you’re rich when your not It doesn’t take millions to live like one. Here are the secrets to live like a Billionaires, Sheiks, or Movie Stars!
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #19  Build Credit both personal & business To use other People’s money you need to have good credit, or use someone else’s good credit in most cases, not all, but most. We show you how to get unlimited credit.

        19, Millionaire Shortcut #20  Investment Facts There are 30 critical facts about investing you need to know. If you do, you can   speed up your income 100 fold.

  1.  Millionaire Shortcut #21  The 1% Solution Focusing on the 1% most important thing at any time, speeds up your kids’ inheritance.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #22  Pre-Plan to Plan There is a method to follow before you plan.  Save 20 years of time & effort.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #23   Good Debt vs Bad Debt  Understanding what is a liability and acquiring them is bad for your financial health. Using Other People’s Money though is better than using your own. How to acquire it.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #24   Likable Personality Develop these top 5 personality skills. Always better to use the carrot than the stick.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #25   Networking 101 You will need a team to be successful, no one does it on their own.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #26  Negotiation Skills Get 100 times farther, 100 times faster using these negotiating skills
  1. Millionaire Shortcut  #27   Your Secret Sauce Remember Mcdonald’s “Secret Sauce”, you must have a secret sauce, nobody Else has. How to find it, use it, make it your own, & refine it to perfection.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #28   Average Joes vs Superstars  How to separate yourself from the pack of “average Joes”.


  1. Millionaire Shortcut #29   Learning Shortcuts The shortest distance between two points is a shortcut. Learn these and speed up time.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #30    Creating a Success System  Create your own blueprint to outrageous success building a brilliant success system.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #31   Creating a TEAM You will need the help of mentors, JV partners, Assistants, & strategic connections to make your business grow by leaps and bounds
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #32   Referrals Getting referrals is the easiest way to generate more customers. Learn how
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #33   Personal Assistant If you don’t have an assistant doing your stuff, you’re the assistant. This critical person can propel you to success 100 times faster while sitting in your hot tub.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #34  Technology Savers  With the advent of software, hardware, and other new tech stuff, you can automate and speed up everything and anything.  Use these 10 for faster growth.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #35  Have a plan B Life is non stop KAOS, then every once in a while their is peace and harmony, but  Fear not, it won’t last long.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #36  Sense of urgency, fear of loss When creating excitement for anything, anything, you need these two things to get anyone to act. If it wasn’t for the last 15 minutes of a deadline, nobody would get anything done.
  1. Millionaire Shortcuts #37   Keeping up with the JONES  You’d better know what your competition is doing or they will run over you.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #39   Making sure your mate is on board

      If your significant other is not on board with your vision, they can make it 100 Times are harder to succeed, much less, be happy or productive.

  1. Millionaire Shortcut #39    Saving a dollar is 100 times smarter than making a dollar.  If you learn where and how you can reduce your expenses, your quality of Life will triple. We show you secrets, strategies, & shortcuts to these.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #40   You must make money while you sleep Or you will work til the day you die. Here is  how the rich do it.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #41   Acquiring undervalued assets & creating value. One sure way to increase your net wealth is by finding things whether they are property, intangible assets, undervalued products or services. Here they are
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #42  lHow much are you willing to sacrifice? Know your limits and what you can handle or stand.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #43    CAll to Action  Everything you do, market, sell, anything needs a call to action. Nothing much  Happens until something moves.

      43 Millionaire Shortcut #44   Marketing is your best investment Without marketing you just have an empty storefront, and an empty bank account, Whatever business you think you’re in, you’re in the marketing business.

  1. Millionaire Shortcut $#5   Time is your most valuable asset. You only have so much time in a day. They don’t make more time.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #46 Sales is not the same as marketing  These are not the same, good sales copy is like having an army of Little sales people give the perfect presentation every time.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut # 47  Your Ethical Toolbox Do these legal steps or you’re going to find yourself in hot water.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #48   FREE Prize Inside! Giving away so much extra, generates a lot of attention.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #49   Motivated Buyers If you find the “starving crowd” for your product, you don’t have to sell Anything.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #50   Virtual Real Estate Did you know that a website is virtual real estate and that it can be much more Profitable for way less work than any piece of real estate. Create virtual real  Estate is 100 times cheaper, quicker, and  more profitable than brick & mortar!

       50 . Millionaire Shortcut #51  Real Estate Money Methods. Real estate is still a great product, it is also very forgiving, meaning you can make A lot of mistakes and still making money. Here are the 10 best methods., while eliminating the mistakes.

  1.  Millionaire Shortcut #52   Using Free Grant Money   There are tens of billions of dollars in grant money for you. If others can get it. Why can;t you?  We have a superior method.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #53  Crowdfunding 101 Why not let others finance your projects? How we do it better.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #54   Always be working on your FICO files.  Unfortunately in this world, it revolves around your FICO score. Keep raising

       It and it will help you get larger funding, pay less interest, and give you financial   Freedom. Understand this process to 800 Scores.


  1. Millionaire Shortcut #55   Finding Sources for Products & Services Cheaper  The difference between huge profits and huge losses can be just 10%. Learn where To find the right suppliers, equipment, inventory, and anything else you need.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #56  Best Advertising Methods Know where to reach your ideal customer fast, cheap, & easy.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #57  Bundling for more profits. Ever heard of the “value meal” bundle things and quadruple your profits this way.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #58   Be the Expert  People love experts, this doesn’t mean you have to know everything, just 5% more than most people, besides you don’t need to know everything, just where to find it.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #59   Finding and keeping the right employees  Motivate, Educate, Evaluate, Investigate, & proper training reduces customer complaints, builds customer loyalty, and reduces your headaches.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #60    Understand Tax Deeds for easy wealth creation This method can make you six figure funding in no time flat. Another income stream.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #61  12 apps,and tips that can help you live like a millionaire. You don’t have to be a millionaire to live like a millionaire, Learn how to live like a millionaire without being one.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #62  Creating Multiple Streams of Income on Autopilot    Simple methods to create unlimited streams of residual revenue.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #62  Four Corners of Wealth Creation  Without these corners you have no wealth.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #65   If You Don’t Make Money While You Sleep You will work til the day you die.
  1. Millionaire Shortcut #63  Financial Intelligence The best 10 Financial Intelligence resources you can fast track your financial  skills to optimum performance. You must invest in yourself.