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Welcome to Channel 1 Studios, The Florida Talent Factory, & Faster Money Methods.

Our goal here is to improve everyone’s quality of life. We do that in two ways by showing every team member how to become financially free, making enough money so they can wake up every morning knowing they can make money without their direct efforts, so they can enjoy the 2nd rule,  to quit the rat race and wake up every morning excited to start there day, excited, fun, to be creative, and work in a satisfying career that stimulates them.  We have both.

As a representative of our company, you are really in business for yourself, not by yourself, using our help, support, & guidance, to FastTrack you to unlimited success. We have done 98% of the hard work, the trial and error, the headache and hassles, so you don’t have to.  Our processes are proven, tested, refined, and maximized for the highest potential for our team.

You are responsible for your own success, we can help you tremendously, but it is still up to you, to be productive to carve out a generous income for yourself. You are in total control of your hours, time, & freedom, so logically you get paid by performance. This is the only way you should ever want to get paid. Business owners usually want to pay you just enough to come to work tomorrow and be productive, keeping 90% of the profits for themselves. This is what we call a JOB, the worst way to make a living. The owner tells you when you can go home to your family, when you have to come to work, and when you can go potty.  Wouldn’t you much rather have freedom of choice? That is the real quality of life factor.

As a sales/producer for our companies we want you to maximize your time and income by understanding how we make our money, all the ways you can make money, & it is not just one way, there are many! Most business owners want multiple services once they get to know us. Most importantly they want more customers. That is easier said than done. We have effective, proven, proprietary solutions only known to us. We simply create better versions of what everyone else is doing out there. Almost everything is a version of something else!

If you commit yourself to success with us, you will achieve huge success, a substantial income, and the highest quality of life imaginable.  Most people do not have the discipline or desire to achieve these things, they are lazy, unmotivated, want others to do the work for them. It is crazy, most people feel working a JOB for 50 years, is easier than taking 1 hour to learn a new financial skill. This is insanity.

We include all the things we have learned over 50 years for you. We spent the time, money, & energy so you do not have to. We do not charge for this career opportunity; we invest our time freely to help you succeed. If we are willing to take the time for you, please make sure you are committed to doing the same for us. Do not waste our time, we will not waste yours.

It’s important to also know that it takes time to master a success formula, a system that has taken 50 years to create, you will not make your maximum potential in a few days, it will take a bit of time, but if you persist, you will be rewarded greatly with a career, and opportunity second to none.  

Our Marketing Services for Business Owners

  1. Mobile Video Billboards. These you see on the side of trucks. They can be placed in busy areas where there are 40,000 autos a day. The best thing is that they are eye level, not forty feet in the air, off to the side of the car owner’s eyesight, and hidden behind big buildings. These are also VIDEO, moving pictures, so there is more time to entertain the viewer, so they are 500% more effective, and are 90% cheaper!
  2. Model Marketing. With our “Florida Talent Factory,” we use our talent for business owners to promote their services or products at special events. Just like a model does at a convention center at a booth. These models give out promotional items and educate the prospect on the benefits of doing business with them.
  3. Table Tent Marketing. Placing double sided ads on restaurant tables is an amazingly effective way to advertise for a business. Everyone that sits at a table, sometimes up to four people, sees the table tent. They are sitting there doing nothing for an hour. Everyone sees it. Multiply that by ten times a day for new customers there. With a double-sided ad we can promote 2 businesses, the restaurant on one side and our other client on the other!
  4. SMS messaging. We target business owners’ phones with a small text ad and an image ad. We use this for targeted businesses who are using Groupon, Valpak, or Coupons for their advertising. They hate Groupon because they have to discount their prices 50% then Groupon takes half of that, leaving them with 25% profit. Or a loss, to generate a customer who is highly unlikely to come back. Coupon users just go grab another coupon for another place the next time. We use a 3 in 1 promotion.

One, we use Gift Certificates the way Groupon uses coupons. Gift Certificates are more effective, do not feel so cheap, are valued and used more. We use SMS or Email Lists for this.

Two, we let the client use our FREE Giveaway Travel or Restaurant Gift Certificates, up to a $1000 value, customers just pay taxes. A powerful incentive.

 Third, we create a “Membership” card for them. Repeat business costs nothing, it is free marketing, so why not give the client a benefit of a discount for being loyal. Now they do not have to keep generating new clients to survive.

  1. Video Productions. When people see and hear something they are five times more likely to remember it. And video is cheaper now than years ago with new technology. We can produce five second spots, fifteen second spots, 30 second spots, 3–5-minute segment, 25–30-minute programs, infomercials, documentaries, and other video formats.  We use our talent for these productions. With YouTube, Cable, Streaming, and other online services, the venues are unlimited.
  2. Membership card Giveaways. Models, give away these VIP Cards anywhere there is people traffic. You name it, clubs, bars, malls, events, concerts, anywhere.
  3. Email Marketing Lists. We create lists for specific types of clients. We have created organic lists for years using our website and other methods. The money is on the list as they say.

Targeting Specific Types of businesses is much more effective than general marketing.

  1. Personal Injury Attorneys. They pay thousands a month for Billboards. And it is hard to get one.  We solve their problems.
  2. Salons, Spas, Health & Beauty Salons are prime for Gift Certificates instead of Groupon or coupons. YouTube segments are great for these.
  3. Clubs, Bars, Restaurants. Video, we use “Favorite Bars” as a hook.  We sold 1000s of clients this way, but all forms of ads are effective. Also, the better the promotion the more effective the ad. Businesses must offer something great to get people in.
  4. Retail Businesses. Same as Salons, etc. Video, Table tents, you name it. SMS if there is a great offer.
  5. Groups, Forums, Influencers. Give them a piece of something and let them market your services.

We do not want to overwhelm a business with too much, they will then find it hard to decide, so focus on 1 or 2 options for them.  

You must find their budget and then show them that marketing should pay for itself.

Payments can be arranged as 1/3rd down, 1/3rd upon delivery of ads, videos, etc. if need be.

You get paid after our payment clears.

You get 50% of the profits whatever they are.  Could be $200 could be $5000.

Promotional Gift Certificates like the Travel, Cruise, Restaurants, in full color are $1 each by the 200.

Table Tents are $100 each for $150.

Mobile Billboard ads on trucks are:  $1297 per month or $997 per month with 6 months paid in full.

Video production for 5 second spot is $197, 15 second spot is $297, 30 second spot is $497.   and $1497 for the 3-5 Minute segment.    A 20–30-minute program or infomercial is $2997.  These all include spokesmodels 7 1 actor/model if needed.