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How We Get You FREE Business Funding for Life!

There is no secret to Unlimited Business Funding. You do certain things you get CERTAIN results! Nobody can do what we do for clients.

Here are the 3 things we do that nobody else can do.

  1. We show you how to pay off the loan with a simple investment that pays 50% a month in profits. This pays off your loan AND gives you a 2ndpassive income as well!  Simply Amazing
  2. We have minimal documentation needed and can fund lower FICO scores if your business does not already have good credit.
  3. We can get 3-5 times more funding than anyone else with our underwriter and lender contacts, quick.


There are no upfront costs for obtaining any funding, our underwriters and ourselves take success fees after funding. We charge 20% success fees. Money is not free or cheap and we get more than anyone else. The great news is that we show you how to pay off the loan with a monthly profit program and generate a 2nd autopilot to make money while you sleep income.

Business funding requires a 670+ Fico score on most of the bureaus. We can get about $100,000 with no negatives on your Fico reports!

Terms and interest rates are similar to what the market is, and we do have some lenders who give 0% interest for a particular time, depending on your situation.

Our other funding program such as Navy Federal, we will obtain a membership for you which is required for funding. This is an incredibly special arrangement and valuable to you for all kinds of future funding, and benefits. In addition, we can get you up to $150,000 in business funding with them and if you don’t have a business, we can create a new one and get you that $150,000 with no income documents!  Nobody else can do this.

*Backend success fees are 33%, however. Again, they can be recouped with our profits program up to 50% a month!

Simply take a small portion of your funds and invest. We pay about 50% of the profits monthly. $10,000 invested returns up to $5000 a month in profits. Enough to cover all loans and enough to provide you with a second auto pilot income while you sleep.

Email us at: for an application or Text Us at 689 266 5342 for a call back with immediate information to help your decision.