Faster Money Methods.

Financial Holdings of Florida has a JV partnership with a private equity firm which funds

businesses with working capital to grow their new, existing or if you want to create one and get


This program is by invitation only to our members. You must want to create, start, or build a

bigger, better, and superior business or expand the one you do have.

When selected for this program, you will receive a membership which allows you

many benefits including:


  1. A Membership ($2500 value) with free webinars on wealth creation with millionaire mentors,

including continuing consulting & help, support, & guidance throughout your process.

  1. Access to strategic connections and ongoing help, support, and guidance in building a strong

financial future

  1. Access to the One Million dollar business buildout program with unlimited funding.
  2. Access to our 1 Million dollar asset document, which allows you to travel & eat at restaurants

for free with just some local taxes. We will show you how to monetize this as well.

  1. Our JV partners offer non recourse (paid loans for you), making your monthly payments on

loans, so you can concentrate on building your business.7.

  1. Access to our 100% real estate funding sources with help on negotiating acquisitions
  2. Access to our property lists with up to 50% off market value properties creating instant six

figure equity

  1. No money upfront. We only take $997 out after the first round of funding.
  2. Over 80 Business-in-a-box blueprints, all turnkey businesses to start up, 98% done for you, six

figure revenue potential. We design these to make money without your direct efforts. These can

be purchased for a small down payment and payments from your funding!

  1. We also have several other “Profit Centers” where you can put some of your money. As a

member you can participate in these, for example our Forex trading pays 10% a month,

Compounding it allows money to double about every 7-8 months depending on how much you put


Highlights of the corporate & personal business build out program:

*$135,000 in free business services, including but not limited to: business technology accelerators,

a marketing engine boost to grow, expand, and build a successful business.

*If you do not have an existing active company we can create one if you font want to with no

upfront money. Value: $500 (new corporation, EIN, Letter of good standing, etc.)*Free marketing engine and business technology accelerators to dramatically grow your business

fast. Marketing is the business your in. Without marketing you have no productive activity, no

sales, no profits.

*First round funding in as little as 2 weeks in most cases. Our JV partner have over 400 lending

relationships to max out your initial funding, and then get you additional funding ever few weeks.

From $10,000 up to $100,000 in the initial round of funding depending on many factors.

*Additional funding every 3-4 weeks, where they bypass banks and credit issues, Non recourse.

*Full build out of the EIN corporation & personal FICO build out if needed to the highest scores


*Partial funds can be put into the JV Partners weekly protected payout , escrow protected. Weekly

profits average between 10%-25% weekly. Passive, auto pilot income, no risk.

*Help others become financially free and generate an additional $2000 in referral commissions on

average per referral.

*You will receive ongoing help, support, & guidance throughout your growth from world class

mentors, entrepreneurs, private equity partners, etc

The JV Partner process charges 7% success fees on funding, & Financial Holdings charges 7%

success fees on the backed of all funding, due within 24 hours of each round of funding. (2% of

Financial Holdings success fees go to our childrens charity) All fees are paid anyway, because our

JV partner helps with your monthly loan payments AND offers a 10%-25% weekly profit


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Credit Monitoring Login Info or 3 bureau credit report. If you do not have one, that offers all three

bureau reports, offers one for free. Credit

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