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Funding Information Application

Sparkle Investments & Instant Wealth Club has at least 7 fantastic funding sources at present.  They require a very easy process if you’re not already qualified.  Steps are fast and not expensive for the chance to become financially free, once and for all. 

This is an easy-to-follow blueprint with realistic and minimum qualifications that you can do yourself or hire us to do if you are missing things.  The best thing is that you are building Unlimited Wealth for life with these programs.  This is Unlimited Funding as you can do as many corporations as you wish.

We have the ability to get you additional rounds of funding as well.  We also include a free business and personal credit builder program so you can take a Corp and build it out with our 20-point criteria blueprint and get up to 500k in funding over and over again with each corporation. 

Money is not cheap or free and lending guidelines are now very strict.  The processors who have relationships with the lenders want to be paid for their time, expertise, and their work, which can take many hours to put together loan proposals, get the lowest interest rates, speak with underwriters, etc.   The backend success fees due within 48 hours of funding is 15%. Keep in mind they can get up to 10 times more funding than anyone else can.  (If fees aren’t paid with 48 hours the loans will be called in and show up on credit files as in default).

We have high return investments you can invest in with returns of 20%-40% monthly, so you can make great use of with the money that does flow through your hand.

The more information you can provide the quicker we can check for you.  If you do not have certain      information, then put N/A in the box, or if it does not apply to the type of loan you want.

Personal Credit Profile

  • Not based on Personal Credit – Not Required
    • Credit Partner Accepted if you want more funding.

Business Credit Profile

  • Corp or LLC that is 2+ years old.
  • Corps or LLC under THREE months NOT accepted.
  • 20 Points Compliance Checklist a MUST!
  • Established Business Credit with the following showing on your business credit report:
  • Must have 10 of Tier 1 – Net 30 Accounts
  • Must have 5 of Tier 2 Net 30 Accounts

We need 15 accounts showing on your business credit for us to be able to fund you.  This program is used with


Once you have fulfilled all requirements, its possible to get multiple vehicles. The stronger your business credit, the lower the interest rates. You may be required to be a guarantor is the financial institution does not believe that your business credit is strong enough.


You must have 15 accounts reporting to your business credit profile. Every file is different so approvals is still the up to the financial institutions.
No guarantee of approvals but when done correctly and carefully without missing a step, you will be approved.

10-20 Year aged corp (10k-20k market value):  $999 (includes bylaws, amended articles of inc, letter in good standing, EIN number. 20 Pt Compliance Check & D&B buildout if needed:  $999  (+ $300 to set up, Website Domain, etc,,  (all needed) Tier 1- Ein Vendor tradelines 10 ea:  $699 ______  Tier 2 Ein Vendor tradelines 8-10:  $699 _____    (after tier ones post)  *Tradelines take 2-4 weeks to post usually.

Total Due:  Less discount if applicable:


Cashapp:  $instantwealth  or Zelle:   or ask for billpay info.

Please fill out any info that pertains to your type of loan Name of Corporate officer signing for funds; Type of industry:  Home address; Business address if different that home address; Years in business:Average deposits showing on

bank acct:

Home phone: 

 Business Phone if different that home phone:     

EIN if business funding:


 Three bureau reports (that way there is no hard credit pull)  D&B Number if you have one:

Current D&B Paydex Score:

Three months business bank statements: (if you have 6 you may be able to get more money)


*You authorize any authorized member, processor, or agent of Instant Wealth Club,  Sparkle Investments,  or its partners to complete any documents or applications on your behalf to obtain all credit or other related processes needed to fulfill all the steps in this process.

Signed:                                                                                                                                                                                     Dated: