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Chicken or The Egg Cafe

Who wants to become a millionaire quick? Partners wanted; chick fil-a AND Breakfast menu with coffee- 3 in one concept!

As you are aware, chick fil a, does triple the sales as McDonalds, Burger King,

Wendy’s, Subway, all of them.

They just have a simple, but superior product and no competition in their field. KFC and Popeyes

Just focus on buckets, etc.

They also do not have market saturation by any means. There are so many locations open

that it is simply amazing for investors.

But what if you could create a more versatile and better menu.

What if you stayed open on Sundays?

What if you had better value

What if you had the exact same chicken supplier?

What if you had better employee benefits to retain better help?

What if you took empty restaurant space now for quick openings?

Empty restaurant space offers the quickest opportunity to create the biggest opportunity for seven figure value?

What if you had a franchise able concept that can grow like wildfire?

What if you only needed to invest $10k instead of 100k or 500k?

What if you did not have to do anything to make 10% of the profits forever with only $10k?

What if your stock in the company was valued at $1,000,000 in 6 months from the opening?

What if you had the opportunity to open your own franchises in your own market for $0?

What if you could sit back and make passive weekly profits from anywhere there is a location?

What if your investment was secured by our assets? Zero risk investing, 

What if the company had access to millions of dollars in marketing tools and resources for pennies on the dollar?

What if we had a management team with over two hundred years in the restaurant business?

What if we had a private investor who will finance new locations for franchisees?

Well, it is here finally competition for Chick Fil A and here we come!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, do not miss the biggest financial opportunity to be a millionaire you have ever seen.

To schedule a free consultation on this investment, just email us with a time and day EST.

But please, no tire kickers, this is for serious members only!

*The products are all simple to make and serve.

*Products are mostly heathier products, less sugar formulas as well.

*95% of sales through drive through.

*The coolest uniforms on the planet

*Employee benefits superior to anyone else in the restaurant arena, with much less cost

*Marketing experts and resources to eliminate 90% of marketing and advertising costs

*Thousands of empty restaurant shells in great locations

*Low startup costs. No big grills, signage usually already in place, low marketing costs.

*Membership card given to EVERY customer in the bag. Offers freebies, rewards, remarkable offers, etc.  A special offer gets them to be loyal and customers.

Investments as low as 5k for Stock AND profit weekly!

No management, passive investment

FREE franchises for your area – save hundreds of thousands of dollars

To schedule a call with a mentor email us at: