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Yes, we can get you a Used Car Dealer License in the state of your choice, CHEAP, complete with your own Location, Insurance, Dealer plates, Surety Bond, etc.

If you are not ready for the large upfront costs and ongoing monthly fee of a Dealer License, then perhaps our Auction Access is good for you. This is good in ALL STATES, if you are near one of the Dealer auctions that we are registered with.

*The basic fee of $1399, plus $699 for our consulting and work on our end, will give you access to Manheim, ADESA, and American Auto Auctions (no tag or plate).

*You can sign up with one of my Licensed Dealers and get access to your local and national Dealer Auctions. You can even work from home, but remember you are not the Dealer. You do not sign titles. You can add on Copart for $300 and IAA for $100

*We also have a Texas program with paper 30-day tags for $2000 plus the $699 fee. Full details in link. You can even add IAA for $100.

*We have a limited supply of Florida Dealer Tags (metal) for $2800 each by themselves…. or $3500 with auction access and our $699 fee

*Our Auction Access program is based on how close You live to Manheim, American Auto, and ADESA Dealer Auctions. Valid in All states. Including yours. You sign up with either of my Dealers regardless of what state you live in. You and the Dealer use priority and overnight mail for Titles and other paperwork.

Atlanta Auction Access program:

A.$1399, plus one time; $699 fee, for the year and $150 per vehicle (title fee) for Auction Access only.

  1. $3500 for the year and $150 per vehicle for Auction Access with a Georgia Dealer plate.


  1. $400 per month for a Georgia Dealer plate (for plate only). First month and last month (deposit) up front to get started …. $800
  2. $500 per month for Auction Access with Dealer plate ($150 per vehicle title fee). First month and last month (deposit) up front to get started …. $1000

If you want a metal (hard) tag, you can look at our Transporter tag company (LLC) set up

To schedule a One-on-one consulting process which covers everything A to Z, on this fantastic, unheard of business opportunity, the fee is only $199 and can be used to pay for the initial costs if you move forward.  It is always best to learn all the great things about this business and the mistakes that can be made if you don’t run your business properly.

Make no mistake though, this can be a Multi-Million Dollar a year business for you.