Faster Money Methods.

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  • Corporate Credit and lARGERK Financing
  • Asset protection
  • Bid on Government Contracts
  • Credibility with Clients and Suppliers
  • Instantly obtain up to $50,000 in usable credit lines
  • Expand Business Into USA
  • Acquire Real Estate easier
  • No Business Income or Tax Returns needed for Funding
  • Get Access To Up to $150K In Funding every 6 months. Unlimited funding for life

Highlights of program:

Includes entry into our 10% monthly profits investment. Pays off the loan for you. In essence: FREE MONEY!

*Includes 1 Million dollar in assets with Asset Transfer Document.

  • Clean and debt free aged corporation
  • Get Instant Time-In Business
  • Instant Credibility
  • Get up to $150K in Funding
  • Buy A Pre-Made business with 4-5 Years Of History
  • We build the Business Credit up to Paydex 80 within 30-45 Days
  • Process take 3-7 takes to transfer ownership,
  • Additional tier 2 and tier 3 tradelines are needed to get funding. (additional cost or do for free with our help)
  • Funding has No Upfront Cost but 15% Backend Fee (recouped with our investment)
  • Free Analysis
  • Funding is based on Personal Credit but doesn’t report to personal credit
  • Funding is Unsecure Business Credit Credits which can be liquidated, and/or loans with No Income and No Asset Verification
  • Some funding is 0% APR for 6-12 months
  • No Business or Tax returns needed to get funding
  • We have methods to access the Full Credit Line of each Corporate Credit Card in Cash and at the Purchase APR
  • Articles of Amendment & Bylaws
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • IRS Company Registration (Tax ID #EIN#) (Worth $100)
  • Dun & Bradstreet Registration (DUNS)# (Worth $229)
  • 411 Directory Listi ng (Worth $100)
  • Free 800 Business number (1st month free, $10 after)

For a Free Consultation on how we do this email us TEXT us at: 689 266 5342