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How To Acquire Unlimited Funding in the MILLIONS with Aged Shelf Corporations

An Aged Corporation that is built out with our Lender Compliance Checklist can get up to 100k or much more with NO FICO scores!

What does this mean?  Well, it means you can do dozens of aged corporations if you want and collect six figure funding over and over, because your FICO scores don’t matter.  NO SSN Is used!  This is the only way to get No FICO funding, in the country!

*We find an aged corporation from 2-10 years old.  Value:  2k-10k *We get you an EIN number  *We get you articles of amendment   *We get you a letter of good standing  *We get you an operating agreement *We get you a D&B file set up.*We know how to add a 1 million asset transfer document showing you have assets

WE also offer:

*Aged Primary Tradelines up to 4 years old. 300k worth.  Critical for getting larger funding!  *Note: Aged tradelines reflect a few payments left that are actually assets of 300k!

*We offer a 20-point compliance checklist to get the funding. Website, Facebook business page, and 18 other important things you need to create a legitimate social media presence.

*We offer 25 Vendor Tradelines with over 50k in usable credit.

*We offer funding solutions with a 20% backend success fee, which can be recouped along with your upfront costs in a month, with our 20%+ monthly Forex returns, and our Pay It Forward program where you help others with upfront costs and recoup 100% of your investment in a couple months.

*You can do as many corps as you want for Unlimited Funding

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