Faster Money Methods.

Group Home Riches!

How to make six figures a year with a group home!  Seven figures with multiple group homes.  (How to run 15-20 group homes by yourself)

Why would someone build a Group Home for you??

Is there a special government grant for this?

Is there some secret website that you need to apply at?

Will these builders put up their own funds and labor to build your Group Home because you really really want it?????


The answer is simple and if you’re not ready to put in the work you aren’t going to like it.
Look, the real “riches” we speak about is the service you are providing to your community. But from a business standpoint this is a way to….
✔️ Net WAYYYYY MORE than a typical rental property
✔️ Have WAYYYYY more control over your property which means less repairs, less construction management, and less overhead
✔️ Avoid the eviction process with this formula.
✔️ And get a guaranteed payment from all of your tenants. So, NO MORE chasing everybody down from the 1st through the 10th and either hopefully getting paid or dealing with excuses on why you aren’t getting paid.
✔️ NO LICENSE NEEDED!!! The Gold Course will break down all the FEDERAL laws that we abide by. This works in any other state within the US of A!

Any Real Estate investor would at least be interested in hearing more about this. When they find out it’s the truth AND they can partner with a knowledgeable, confident, aspiring Group Home Entrepreneur like yourself???

It's a no brainer!!!

Therefore, Tiana was able to get a home with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET FOR 6 MONTHS!!!!

Some of the things you will learn….

  • The group home management “hack” every landlord wishes they could do
  • 2 steps to take that will help you notfreak out when your group home business is at its most hectic (imagine: 10 tenants coming in all at once and you staying laser focused with ZERO fear)
  • How to set your perfect rent
  • Simple systems to put in place so one person can run 15-20 group homes a month

And to pay off that email title in case you don’t have time to watch…
Overseeing 15-20 group homes by yourself is absolutely possible.
Without the stress of creating a 24/7 J-O-B for yourself, running out of energy or “playing landlord.”
In fact…
If you do it our way, you won’t find yourself in typical “landlord nightmare” situations.
Like ending up with a ton of unqualified tenants… multiple bounced checks each month… evictions… zoning… licensing… paperwork and on and on.
Because you’re not in a typical real estate business model.
Instead, you take advantage of the group home business model.
So, how can ONE person manage up to 2 dozen properties without any hassle?
The simple answer:
Outsourcing and success systems.
The long answer:
Outsourcing by setting up the particular systems we show inside our Gold Course.
Of course, you can always try to figure it out on your own. And you’re free to do so.
These systems are not easy, but they are SIMPLE.
They are specifically designed for the Group Home business model…
So that YOU can operate way more homes than you expected, bring more cheddar into your bank account, and help way more people in your community.
We’ll show you how to get proper outsourcing, guaranteed checks, and how to have more control over your property…
Even when you scale.

In Part 1 of your free 5 Part Course, we’re going to answer something you might be afraid to ask, but deep down is probably an extremely important factor to you.

“If I provide this type of housing, what’s in it for me??”

If you are:
– in the medical field and are looking to be your own boss in a related field
– a struggling landlord and are curious about some other strategies with less competition
– working in a Group Home yourself, love what you do and are curious if you could do it on your own
– the “caretaker” personality and derive pure energy & joy from helping other people and your community
– a smart businessperson and have noticed some major trends, problems and opportunities in the current US Economy…

Or whatever the case may be, “Group Homes” will satisfy all of those needs mentioned above AND another extremely important, motivating factor for you (most likely):

Cheddar. Bank. The Bread. The Bag. The Riches.

At the end of the day, a group home business is nothing more but a less competitive, more lucrative real estate niche. Huge demand & little supply, i.e., the Golden Formula.


Why is that?

This not a “get rich quick” scheme or a “passive income opportunity” right from the start, but the opportunity shall you decide to move forward is MASSIVE. Probably much much more than you even know.
Not only will you discover how you can bring in 6 figures/year running a group home business by yourself with no licensing, certifications, or lengthy confusing paperwork, but also:

  • The exact neighborhoods to operate in for best chances of success
  • Why you want to open a group home (instead of letting people like disabled veterans out on the street)
  • The one thing that will make you a more attractive option to tenants than a large, assisted-living facility
  • How to calculate your price so you ALWAYS have people occupying your group home
  • Recognizing “cash cow” properties and capitalizing on them (forget about fancy, super expensive options that become a liability when one tenant leaves)
  • …and just how much is in it for someone that wants to run an organization like our founder does?

**HINT** If you pay attention when watching, you’ll see the math comes out to multiple 6 figures a year….
With only A FEW HOURS PER MONTH!!!! Does this happen right off the bat? Of course not. But watch the video to find out how and why this is our founder’s reality and how it could become YOUR’S in the next couple of years as well.

Here’s what we will be also be learning;

  • Dealing with special needs tenants
  • How to save 6 figures and YEARS of your life trying to “DIY” it (read below)
  • A detailed peek inside our business model
  • Why you don’t need a license to start a group home business (federal laws are on yourside and case history confirms it)
  • Had he or his mom found us earlier, they’d know this about group home businesses:
    1) You don’t need to start a healthcare agency
    2) You don’t need licensing or pass regulations
    3) You/your company don’t need to supply the services your tenants need
    4) You don’t need to purchase a home first and do cumbersome upgrades like a $20K sprinkler system
    5) You don’t even need to have $100K saved or to get a government grant or loan. In fact, you don’t need any money!
    One video could’ve saved this poor guy $100K and 3 years of his life.
    You. Need. To. Know. You. Rights.
    Reason why your local zoning department or outside consultants don’t tell you points 1-5 above is because…
    They won’t be able to charge tens of thousands of dollars to help you…
    They’d become OBSOLETE.

One key part of the system we teach for operating a Group Home business takes care of the biggest headaches most landlords feel…
It’s also one of the reasons why you probably have little, if ANY competition in your area.
It’s why you see a bunch of “We Buy Houses Cash” signs but 0 “Affordable Housing” ones…
It’s also why there are hundreds of vacant apartment ads on Craigslist but none for Group Homes.
(And don’t worry, I’ll reveal the “hack” in the end, just bear with me, it’s important.)
In Property Management, there’s something referred to as “collections.”
Most landlords – and even ordinary peeps like you – don’t understand that when you operate a Group Home the process  we teach, you DON’T have to collect rent from each and every tenant directly.
That’s because most of our tenants don’t have sufficient income, credit, rental history, or background to qualify for housing on their own.
So I can understand why regular landlords freak out…
Imagining what it’d be like to collect rent from multiple Unqualified tenants each month.
They think about evictions… stress… lost income… thousands in financing & lawyer costs… the wasted time going to court… the repairs…
All for just $200-300 net on a GOOD month!
That’s exactly WHY landlords and homeowners don’t want to work with the demographics we serve.
But here’s what they don’t know…
It’s a little secret, a little “hack” if you will that makes the group home model so attractive.
Your tenants’ checks will be hitting your bank account with the help of this guy:

Uncle Sam!
You don’t need to spend any time on collections…
It’s the USA’s Social Security Administration or one of the agencies we show you how to find in The Gold Course that guarantees the checks hit YOUR account on the 1st of every month.
More of what you’ll find out:

·       Why & how you’ll be getting a guaranteed check from the Government without needing to hunt down your tenants for payment every month

·       The exact types of agencies we recommend so you don’t run into any “collection” issues

·       How to set up your group to make the 10x the average rental property

·       The reason why you don’t need a government grant to start your own group home business

·       How to lawfully avoid extra licensing, rules and regulations while ensuring your tenants receive ALL the services they needLandlords will beg to work with you and take advantage of the “hacks” we’ll show you.

Ready to learn what the very first step to take is BEFORE spending a dime on housing, furniture, or supplies (it’s marketing)

Need marketing material?

Want a contract you can use for tenants that will protect you from the eviction process?

Want to know how to get set up for GUARANTEED checks every month from your tenants?

Want to know how to scale and learn the systems that ALL successful businesses use?

Want a sample business plan that helped us acquire MILLIONS of dollars in funding during a recession????
Want a detailed history of case studies showing why you don’t NEED to be “licensed”?

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