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Car Detailing

Want a business that you don’t necessarily need a brick-and-mortar business?

You can run this as a mobile business with any car.  The equipment you need is just a few small things.  People take pride in their cars, and will pay someone to clean it out, buff it out, shine it, make it smell nice with a new car smell!

Here is the best thing, we can show you how to go to businesses that have a lot of cars in the parking lot and just “clean up”, get it?

You can spend an entire day detailing cars for $49-$199 bucks EACH.

Work once a week if you want and make what others make in a week.

This career opportunity requires NO real skills, so we can teach you in an hour how to do this.

We can show you how and where to put ads and get unlimited calls and generate residual business.

Where to buy supplies cheap AND get supplies in one hour at the cheapest prices.

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