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Credit-Funding Agreement

FBS has a legal resource who specializes in cleaning negatives off a FICO file on all three bureaus. This is vastly different than the simple silly dispute letters everyone else does.  This is the FASTEST, EASIEST, most EFFECTIVE way to clean a file, but bureaus have time to respond to any attacks so there is no magic formula to remove negatives. Each negative has to have a separate method of attack.

Credit Repair takes 30 days by law, but you can start seeing things come off before then.    We remove an average of 92% after 90 days.

With 680+ Fico scores we can usually get up to $150,000 or more, depending on many factors. The processors, underwriters, can usually get 5 times more funding than any other source.  If payment is not made, the underwriter may call in the loan.       

We can post a vendor primary tradeline with usable credit limits up to $2500 or more which will usually add up to 50 FICO points per bureau as well if you want.

We can add up to 3 more vendor lines with a few more grand in usable credit for only $199 more!

Remove: Student Loans, bankruptcy, defaults, late payments, inquiries, student loans, etc.   We have a different legal process for each.  

There are also other secrets we do that instantly add more FICO points to each bureau 99% of repair people do not know.

The cost is reduced from $1500 to $399 for a total restoration package and some amazing books on how to discharge your debts, and these are priceless.

You will need a copy of ID, a credit monitoring service, ( is good)

You will need to sign up for a credit monitoring service if you do not have one already.)   

*Secret: If you call and cancel your free trial membership before 7 days, they will offer you a reduced rate. down to zero a month)

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