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Investment Partnership Agreement

Instant Wealth Club has invested in a crypto investment and has the opportunity for members of IWC to invest with us on this investment.

Returns can be expected up to 20%-40%.  No one can guarantee any specific return because of so many factors, however these returns are based on historical average.

No ethical company can guarantee that any previous performance cannot guarantee any future performance.

Here are the highlights of the program.  These benefits offer much security on our monies.

  • Don’t have to worry about them closing down, we control the funds
  • Don’t have to send money to anyone else but our member account
  • Deposit as much as you like
  • Amazingly Liquid! Withdraw your money with a 5 day notice
  • 100% Automated Crypto Trading Stays in your bitcoin wallet
  • 100% Liquid so you can withdraw funds with 1 week notice
  • Your Funds are always under our control
  • UP to 20%-40% Monthly Historical Average
  • Recommended $50,000 Minimum- No Maximum, since we have members already in the program you will only have to invest as little as $2000 and get the same returns.
  • Please allow up to 10 days to start, transfer, and have bitcoin clear your funds.
  • Deposit / Withdraw Any Time with 7 day notice
  • No VPN required
  • Withdraw Fee would be whatever your Wallet fee is
  • Control your own funds and access your funds when you want
  • Referral program available if you have a network and want to share this great opportunity
  • There is a 15% monthly trader commission includes crypto transfer fee to transfer funds you wish to withdraw. 
  •  *All investments are compounded unless otherwise stated.

Disclaimer: Sender is not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or U.S. Investment Adviser. Sender is a Private facilitator and Introductory Service Provider for borrowers and/or clients to the various contacts that suit their business needs at their request. Sender does not provide any funding, bank instruments, bank guarantees or other financial instruments or commitments of any kind.

‘Total Investment:                                                                                                                                       Payment by Zelle; 813 495 3101  or Cashapp: $instantwealth            



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