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Funding Agreement Info!

FBS has relationships with processors who have contacts in the lending industry to obtain funding/loans from various lenders.

They will send and prepare your information to many different lenders and underwriters whom they have relationships with and get the most money and the best rates possible.

We are not charging any upfront consulting fees, so it is imperative that you participate by sending us proper documentation asap, take calls if needed, and perform any other simple tasks in order to help you become more financially stable.

An infusion of money can change a life.  We have investments that pay up to 25% a month, compare that to a 10% a year interest rate.  This is how the rich get richer, by using other people’s money.

The processor, our referral agents, and FBS charge a backend success fee of 15%.  Money is not cheap or free, and all of us here doing the backend work, do not work for free either.  Invest and recoup any bank or processor fees in a month with our investments.

Payments to the processor and FBS are due within 48 hours of you obtaining funding, or the loan may be called in and remain on a credit file as a default.     We can usually get a 2nd round of funding as well in a short time.

None of us are direct lenders and only a direct lender can guarantee funding.  We are doing all the work upfront using our strategic strategies and contacts without pay so we will do all we can to get you to funding.

You may also want to use a portion of the loan proceeds to build out a corporation from us and get 100k-150k in funding using only a corporation and an EIN number.  This is unlimited funding as you can do as many EIN corporations as you want to!

We will need a copy of your 3 bureau reports, a copy of your ID, SSN, and you will need to fill out a processor application or two depending on the credit scores, or business statements.

Funding only needs to take a couple days before payment via direct deposit is usually made.   The speed of the process depends on you, not us.




We have the fastest, easiest, lowest FICO score funding option here!

Do you have a 650 or higher FICO scores on your 3 credit bureaus?  We have funding from 20k up to 250k (for higher scores) that takes only a couple days.

Our funding partners can also work with 650+ on 1 report also. Many banks can fund with one single bureau report.  Every file is different but the key to living the life you dream of is Using Other People’s Money, not your own.  Even if you did have money, why would you use it?

Be smart, use your good credit to create wealth.  Use it to create investments and income opportunities that return 20%-30% a month, on your 5%-15% yearly interest rates you pay for borrowed money. 

Money is not cheap or free, our processors can get you 5-10 times more money than you can on your own.  They also have relationships with underwriters who can get you bigger funding amounts.  They work hard and charge a success fee on how much they get you with their strong relationships, up to 20% of the amounts, but they get you so much more funding than you can on your own.  Then invest it, and recoup your fees, start making passive money while you sleep or invest it in our aged corporate funding programs where you can acquire Unlimited funding.

This is a simple one page 5-minute application and sign our funding agreement, and you’re done.  They will do a free evaluation for you to see what you can qualify for.  If needed, we can remove negatives and there are programs we have to add FICO points to your scores with our 3 primary vendor tradelines.  (See banners on homepage)

To request an application and free evaluation email us at:

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